Monday, August 22, 2016

Is This a Good Representation of The SyFy Channel's Core Audience?

1. Hillbilly Hells Angel's Bikers

2. People who aren't terribly bright in terms of worldly education.

3. Second Amendment people!! Every single SyFy Channel movie and television show has cliched B-movie characters toting around live firearms!!

4. Donald Trump supporters

5. People who believe that the..."Maury Povich Show" real, spontaneous, and unfolds on the air as it happens instead of knowing what it really is...A heavily scripted, rehearsed, camera blocked, casting actors for the right roles. and stunt staged orgy of daily bad taste.

6. People who honestly believe that..."Sharknado" quality entertainment.

7. Ill-informed Republicans across the entire spectrum of political education.

8. People who watch the SyFy Channel every Saturday night either in a..."Biker Bar"...or at home with a case of beer.


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