Friday, August 19, 2016

Ronald D. Moore Was Nothing But a Tiny Cog In a Much Larger Mechanism That Made "Star Trek: The Next Generation" And Its Offspring The "Mass Market Successes" That They All Were

There has always been this misconception about Ronald D. Moore that he is the..."Guru"....of all things Science Fiction in television beginning with..."Star Trek: The Next Generation"....when in fact he was nothing more than one of the little hired hands working on..."Star Trek: The Next Generation"...and its offspring of sequel series.

In fact, the following individuals were firmly in place on..."Star Trek: The Next Generation"...running the entire enterprise a good two years before Ronald D. Moore was hired on as a staff writer....

1. Gene Roddenberry
2. Rick Berman
3. Brannon Braga
4. Rene Echevarria
5. Jeri Taylor
6. Michael Pillar
7. Maurice Hurley

Why aren't the surviving members of this group receiving accolades for their collective contributions and achievements in televised Science Fiction? Why aren't they receiving invitations to be on the...."Board of Directors"....of this Sci-Fi museum? They were really the ones who collectively made the magic of..."Star Trek: The Next Generation"....and its sequel series happen.

As a matter of fact, all of their collective great ideas for..."Star Trek: The Next Generation"...and its sequel series were swiped by Ronald D. Moore and then cannibalized, confiscated, and regurgitated for his..."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)...series where they became bad ideas under Ronald D. Moore's inexperienced (neophyte) guidance.

The result? Ronald D. Moore's half hearted and failed attempt to revive..."Battlestar Galactica"....a decade ago became a colossal bore, and a stunning example of zero imagination and zero inspired thinking run amok. Oh yes, it was also a..."Mass Market Commercial Flop"....

So, why he is some..."Self Appointed Guru of All Things Science Fiction" the opening of some Science Fiction museum is anyone's guess.


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