Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Question Is...How Has The "SyFy Channel" Survived This Long With Viewer Numbers This Low?

Viewer numbers this low have never been isolated incidents at the SyFy Channel. Viewer numbers this low have always been the..."All Encompassing Widespread Norm".... at the SyFy Channel.

How has this channel survived this long with such chronic underachieving in everything it does? Surely the SyFy Channel must have bosses (even higher in rank than Bonnie Hammer) who will all eventually have to face the fact that this channel never has performed, isn't performing, and never will perform at a level of excellence required for further survival. And then Bonnie Hammer's bosses will have to come to the decision they should have made a good decade ago.

Is it charitable donations from the..."Koch Brothers"....who have been keeping the SyFy Channel alive all of this time? Ever since Universal Studios took it over in 1999.


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