Friday, August 5, 2016

As Usual, Universal Studios Is Weathering The Storm As The Current "Star Wars" And "Star Trek" Sequel Boom Is Sweeping Cinemas

Universal Studios sanctuary before, during, and after the storm is who and what it always is....

Because Universal Studios will choose its..."Dysfunctional And Innate Maury Povich Corporate Mentality"...over the return of this..."Sleeping Giant"....every single time because Universal Studios has never believed in competing with..."Star Wars"....and..."Star Trek"...

It would require too much imagination and inspired thinking in order for them to do so.

Read the books Universal Studios has tried and failed to censor on

And read the books at another location where Universal Studios executives and its stealth marketers won't be able to post negatative, misleading (stealth marketed) reviews of the books via them purchasing candy and Rogaine Foam on (allowing them access to the book review section) and not actually buying and reading the books.

I'll leave the other 150 locations under wraps for now.

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