Friday, August 26, 2016

The Mystery of The "Orange Tint" In The Film Stock Used In All of The Original Movies and Television Series of The "SyFy Channel" the primary color evident in all SyFy productions. Originally produced movies and television series. Sometimes it's a blazing orange in the foreground. Sometimes it's blazing orange in the background. Other times it's a subtle orange in both. Finally, a washed out orange has been evident. I doubt very much that this is a conscious creative decision on the part of the SyFy Channel since this channel has never had a creative bone in its corporate body...ever.

No, I believe this is a symptom of either the cheap-o film stock used in all SyFy Channel productions, and / or the film stock never being developed properly in the lab in post-production by unqualified people working for the SyFy Channel.

It's especially evident in..."Killjoys"...."Wynonna Earp"...."Z Nation"....previews for..."Van Helsing"...the..."Sharknado"....movies....and all other cheap-o horror movies made specifically for the..."SyFy Channel""The Asylum."


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