Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So in other words, this non-existent movie is just as non-existent as it was back in 2001, with zero progress made in its development since 2001

This now looks like Universal Studios ongoing, hopeless, and intentional dysfunction with the..."Battlestar Galactica" spanning 38 consecutive years has turned into such a mutated monster that now, Universal Studios couldn't make this movie even if it wanted to. It's now completely out of their hands. 15 consecutive years of zero progress in making a movie is initially more than mere dysfunctional is flat out multiple external parties excluding Universal Studios who really own this property now. Each of them owning little bits and pieces...big chunks and little chunks of..."Battlestar Galactica"....spread out to all of these multiple parties so wafer thin....making it impossible for any highly skilled legal team to pull everything together into a unified whole. And everyone actually involved isn't saying a word and doesn't give a shit.

It was Universal Studios providing no management oversight who just let the property become a tug of war feeding frenzy for all of these external entities spanning 15 consecutive years, and 38 consecutive years overall.

But Universal Studios will keep the biennial and..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Releases"....coming indefinitely regardless.

Read the books Universal Studios has tried and failed to censor on

And read the books at another location where Universal Studios executives and its stealth marketers won't be able to post negative, misleading (stealth marketed) reviews of the books via them purchasing candy and Rogaine Foam on (allowing them access to the book review section) and not actually buying and reading the books.

I'll leave the other 150 locations under wraps for now.

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