Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anti-Galactica Personnal Are an Endangered Species with New Corporate Parent Comcast

Universal Studios / SyFy Channel have been a couple of subsidiaries that have existed for far too long outside of the fringes of acceptable behavior. Endless eccentricities and astonishing oddities have characterized their handling of the Battlestar Galactica copyright for the past 33 years. To the extent, that they have never.....and I mean never.....have made anything remotely resembling stellar profits with this property. Their continued psychotic obsession with Ronald D. Moore's financial failure of a take on Battlestar Galactica, combined with their unwillingness to handle the property properly, has caused them to close out yet another decade (and begin a new one) still not making the sort of money the Battlestar Galactica property is fully capable of making if it were owned by much more intelligent and astute business people.

It's an undeniable fact that Comcast is a much more customer friendly corporate parent than former corporate parents NBC, Vivendi, and Seagrams ever were. This will indeed spill over to everything that Comcast now owns. Including Universal Studios and SyFy Channel. In no uncertain terms, Comcast will indeed (eventually get around to) "bug bombing" the hornet's nest of anti-Galactica sentiment within both Universal Studios and SyFy Channel.  And this (oh so wonderfully means) that the likes of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern, and Glen A. Larson will not fit into the new "customer friendly" corporate culture that Comcast will eventually implement into everything they now own. And it may even get around to "customer unfriendly" forums such as,, and the Frakheads board eventually being shut down by Comcast.

This of course, will have a tragic effect on Glen A. Larson's life as he will no longer have anything to occupy his time on Internet bulletin boards....such as verbally attacking the general public on Internet bulletin boards under many of these handles he posts under, such as.....NBC-Universal, MrPostModernist, Arthur, Schnorkenschneider, and Hank on the Frakheads board, and Stallion_Cornell & Jim Bennett on Comcast will also no doubt put an end to Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives (along with their hired stealth marketers) posting negative, bogus reviews of books they don't like on

Yes, the time has come for Comcast to begin taking out the trash at Universal Studios and SyFy Channel. The trash that NBC should have taken to the dumpster. The trash that Vivendi should have taken to the dumpster. The trash that Seagrams should have taken to the dumpster. The present bunch of anti-Galactica personnel at Universal Studios and SyFy Channel are and have been extremely bad for business. They are extremely bad for the bottom line. Their unwanted presence and behavior for decades has resulted in the Battlestar Galactica copyright being absolutely immobilized with toxic and eccentric business behavior. They need to go....all of them....and this includes Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern, and Glen A. Larson. Comcast needs to clean out both Universal Studios and SyFy Channel with jumbo boxes of soap suds, and high powered water hoses. The personnel muck and gunk that has accumulated within Universal Studios for decades, and accumulated for the past decade at SyFy Channel is absolutely disgusting, and is a sad commentary on business culture in general when the wrong people end up where they shouldn't be in the business world.

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