Monday, February 7, 2011

When Does Stealth Marketing Become Illegal? When Universal Studios / SyFy Channel Routinely Practices It

Make no mistake about it. Universal Studios / SyFy Channel has been truly disturbed and eccentric subsidiaries of whatever parent corporation owns them at the time. They are the first subsidiaries in Internet history to not only use stealth marketing to promote the crappy movies and television series they make, but to also use stealth marketing to try and defend themselves against those who astutely discover they totally suck ass in the science fiction and Battlestar Galactica business.

Now, the employees and stealth marketers (of the stealth marketing firm "Abraham & Harrison) working for Universal Studios and SyFy Channel have never been good at utilizing stealth marketing for any purpose, whether it be promoting television series and movies, or defending the crappy reputations of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel. So, they have routinely resorted to name calling, libeling authors and their books on, making crank calls to various members of the general public they think they have been arguing with on Internet bulletin boards, and hacking into the admin functions of Internet bulletin boards in order to try and censor posts that have astutely pointed out the endless faults of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel.

One thing is certain and undeniable. The Battlestar Galactica property has always been owned by a group of truly sleazy and morally challenged riff-raff. These people are toilet scum. They always have been and always will be. These are the sorts of people who stand on street corners at 2:00 in the morning and smoking cigarettes in the sleaziest sections of town. Then they return to the college fraternity work atmosphere of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel.....where passing gas on the Internet is more important than making money for themselves. I woud say that the management employees of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel, as well as the "Abraham & Harrison" stealth marketers they have laways been in cahoots with, are the ultimate Internet junkies. Routinely being on the Internet 365 days a year including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day. Because they're always more interested in their reputations rather than putting out quality products on our movie and television screens. They have never learned that "personal reputations" are personal responsibilities. And if they want to be thought of fondly, then they had better make movies and television programs that will be thought of fondly. They have always wanted their cake and wanted to eat it too. They want to make crap (any of the Ronald D. Moore series made for the SyFy Channel), yet they want to be thought of fondly for it. Thus, the endless necessity of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel endlessly warping and twisting the original premise of stealth marketing (product promotion) into a frenzied and maniacal mechanism of self defense. Self defense of their reputations that has always gone badly, because you can't successfully defend yourselves using stealth marketing when the criticisms truly are accurate descriptions of who and what you are.

Universal Studios and SyFy Channel also broke an unspoken rule using stealth marketing in this manner. You never....ever....for any reason......break the fourth wall so to speak, and come into contact with the general public in this manner. Any Hollywood movie studio and television facility knows this.....except Universal Studios and SyFy Channel.

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