Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Does The SyFy Channel's Viewership Remain as Tiny as Ever?

Why hasn't such an unsuccessful channel as the SyFy Channel had the plug pulled on it yet? What can be astutely concluded about SyFy Channel management in the past decade, is that they completely missed the point of what they were supposed to be doing as programmers, and completely missed a golden opportunity to round up an entire generation of Science Fiction  and Fantasy fans that grew up on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the Star Trek revival in both movies and television....and install them as their permanent viewership. The massive audience has always been there for Science Fiction and Fantasy programming, but SyFy Channel management (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern) has always been too stupid, too inept, and too intellectually handicapped to round up this audience with imaginative programming and a genuine love for the genre.

Nope. What the SyFy Channel has been doing instead for the past decade, is arguing with the general public on Internet bulletin boards via their misuse of a stealth marketing campaign. Arguing with Science Fiction and Fantasy fans on Internet bulletin boards via the misuse of a stealth marketing campaign. What has the SyFy Channel been arguing with the general public about? Well, the SyFy Channel has always thought that the Science Fiction genre sucks, that Star Trek fans suck, and that Battlestar Galactica fans suck. So in a sense, SyFy Channel has been rebelling against what they were supposed to be during the past decade.....a legitimate Science Fiction cable network. Of course, even if the SyFy Channel wanted to be a legitimate Science Fiction cable network, they wouldn't have the talent and a genuine love for the genre to be one anyway.

Whoever was in charge of staffing the SyFy Channel during the era of NBC-Universal owning it came up with the incredibly lame-brained idea of staffing the channel with corporate idiots (Bonnie Hammer, Mark Stern, David Howe) who not only didn't know a damn thing about programming for a Science Fiction channel, but also had an evident hatred of the Science Fiction genre as demonstrated via the SyFy Channel's misuse of stealth marketing on Internet bulletin boards.

The vast fanbases for Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones are still very much amongst us in the population, but the SyFy Channel's continued stellar inability to round them up as viewers will always forever be with us unless the new Comcast owners recognize the SyFy Channel as the useless shit hole it always has been in the cable landscape, and either pulls the plug on it, or gives Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern the much deserved termination notices they have deserved for the past decade.

Maybe if the SyFy Channel had not have spent the past decade with its reproductive organs merged with Ronald D. Moore's, we wouldn't have had the past decade of his rotten programming ideas either. And by golly, the SyFy Channel might even have had a much larger viewership during the past decade if they had not wasted their time financing and airing Ronald D. Moore's crappy renditions of Battlestar Galactica. Surely the SyFy Channel must have learned by now that Ronald D. Moore does not equal Battlestar Galactica, that Ronald D. Moore does not equal Science Fiction on television, and Ronald D. Moore does not equal financial success.

SyFy Channel is many things (all bad), but they are not by any stretch of the imagination a cable channel for legimitate Science Fiction programming. Their endless problems with having a tiny viewership reflects that. They have yet to tap the surface of the vast Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Battlestar Galactica (1978) fanbases. To do so would require talent at the corporate level, and a genuine love for Science Fiction at the corporate level. SyFy Channel might as well call itself the "Ronald D. Moore Channel", because no matter how badly Ronald D. Moore continues to fail with his crappy renditions of Battlestar Galactica (including the upcoming "Blood & Chrome"), he gets yet another crappy series greenlit based upon his previous, low rated (Galactica in Name Only) series that tanked badly in the ratings.

New corporate parent Comcast may eventually be pushed into the position (caused by the SyFy Channel's non-performance as an intended money maker) in having to exercise some responsibility in having to pull the plug on the SyFy Channel. I think a decade of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern is long enough punishment for a cable channel to have to endure. I think a decade of Ronald D. Moore not making money for the SyFy Channel is long enough punishment for any corporate parent to have to endure. It also would not be unreasonable for Comcast to pull the plug on "Blood & Chrome" right now because lets be serious. "Blood & Chrome" will be the ratings dud that "Caprica" and "GINO" (Ronald D. Moore's Galactica in Name Only) series were.

The fact that the SyFy Channel has failed to round up the vast fanbases of Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and Galactica (1978) for its viewership (after a decade) is justifiable reason in itself that Bonnie Hammer, Mark Stern, and David Howe should be let go.

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