Thursday, February 24, 2011

SyFy Channel's Aversion to Mainstream Sensibilities and Common Sense

Here we are, a decade or so after Bonnie Hammer and her laughable entourage took over management of the SyFy Channel, and we witness what has become an insignificant little cable blip on the television landscape circa 2011. Of course, this didn't happen overnight. It took Bonnie Hammer and her sparkling band of under qualified misfits a decade of collected bad decision making to reduce this cable channel to what it is today. Bonnie Hammer was given an edict by her bosses at NBC-Universal when she first took over the channel a decade ago...."Open up the commercial potential of the Sci-Fi Channel." Ironically and not surprisingly, Bonnie Hammer did the exact opposite. She gutted any mainstream commercial potential the Sci-Fi Channel might have had by going down a path of inexplicably stupid decision making that closed the door on any such possibilities while at the same time alienating every single segment of the Science Fiction viewing audience in the process.

Bonnie Hammer's problem was (and still is) is that she doesn't think in "mainstream....commercial.....and common sense terms." She also has had an absolute ignorance of what Science Fiction television programming is supposed to be, and an absolute aversion towards it. So, instead of following the command of her bosses at NBC-Universal and....."opening up the commercial potential of the SyFy Channel"....Bonnie Hammer proceeded to do three incredibly stupid things during the past decade. (1) She basically surrendered the deed of the SyFy Channel to Ronald D. Moore and David Eick for some God unknown reason. (2) She cancelled every Science Fiction television series on the Sci-Fi Channel left over from the previous management including "Farscape" and "First Wave", and (3) brought professional wrestling (??) to the Sci-Fi Channel. This has had the polarizing effect of turning the Sci-Fi Channel into a disturbing ghost town in terms of lacking potential programming ideas. This also had the polarizing effect of Bonnie Hammer not listening to the orders of her superiors at NBC-Universal, because at no time during the past decade did she "open up the commercial (mainstream) potential of the Sci-Fi Channel." That command did not mean for her to gut the Sci-Fi Channel of its Science Fiction identity via cancelling every single Science Fiction television series for no reason, and it also did not mean for her to turn the Sci-Fi Channel into the personal frat house of Ronald D. Moore and David Eick (for no reason.) Yes, Bonnie Hammer did the exact opposite of the command she was given. She turned the SyFy Channel into an extremely limited viewership outlet, with zero potential for growing the Sci-Fi Channel's base viewership into mainstream and commercial successes.

Bonnie Hammer also had it ass backwards with "Battlestar Galactica." Ronald D. Moore's sham rendition of the property was not the mainstream success Bonnie Hammer considered it. The exact opposite was true. Ronald D. Moore's take on "Battlestar Galactica" was an extremely, audience limiting and closed door (to the mass market) take on the property that to my understanding....ended up being deficit financed. While the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series remains the mass market, commercial success it always was...that Universal Studios and SyFy Channel continue to deny.

Because of Bonnie Hammer, the SyFy Channel circa 2011 is a ghost town of wasted space on the cable airwaves, with nothing exciting coming up in terms of programming, its present schedule being boring as hell, with no Science Fiction programming or "mainstream potential" in sight. Bonnie Hammer would make a great Republican politician in this manner. Because everything she would touch...would turn to utter crap. And she also has that Republican flair for laying waste to every landscape on this Earth she manages to either inhabit or pass through. And what's another characteristic of your typical Republican? They don't do what they're told to do. Whether it be from their bosses....or their constituents.

So, the SyFy Channel circa 2011 is a submerged ghost ship of Bonnie Hammer's inept management during the past decade. The SyFy Channel has reached the point where, no matter what fucking day of the week it is, there's still nothing on. And it would be extremely generous to suggest that those stupid ass, weekly monster movies of Bonnie Hammer's would fall under the category of......"Hey!! There's something on tonight!!" Would it have killed Bonnie Hammer to do what her bosses told her to do? Probably. Because after all....most likely she is a Republican.

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