Monday, February 28, 2011

Debunking Ronald D. Moore's Fanfare Promoted Move To Sony

Any supposed new career move that Ronald D. Moore, his publicist, or his stealth marketing entourage at SyFy Channel is foolish enough to even mention always....typically.....ends in the sort of "ho hum" reality that has become all too typical of Ronald D. Moore. His stealth marketing entourage was quick to sound the trumpets that Ronald D. Moore "was making a triumphant and spectacular new career move to Sony." Yet, long since after this "supposedly spectacular career move" took place, who have been the only customers to buy Ronald D. Moore's new projects being developed at Sony? Why....none other than his usual band of corporate buddies at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel. His same band of corporate buddies he has been "corporate buddies" with for the past decade. His same "corporate buddies" who have been rubber stamping all of his ratings failing "Galactica in Name Only Series" on the SyFy Channel.

Am I missing Something? Wasn't Ronald D. Moore's move to Sony supposed to signify that he had finally broken out of his usual group of "corporate buddy customers" at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel, and he would begin attracting a customer base beyond his usual band of idiot buddies at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel? Where is Ronald D. Moore's new customer base for his supposedly brilliant television programming ideas? In a very real sense, Ronald D. Moore did not make a career move of any sort, because he is still stuck with his usual band of "corporate buddy customers" at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel. In other words, he's still stuck with the only people in the television industry who will buy product from him. His "rubber stamping, aversion to making money" friends at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel.  Yes, he moved to Sony, but his customers haven't changed and likely never will. So, what was the point in his move to Sony? To provide his usual customer base with the same sorts of money losing products from a different location?

It's been what, over a year since Ronald D. Moore moved to Sony, and what's on his agenda? Some sort of "Harry Potter police procedural thingy" for NBC-TV and......oh yes......the umpteenth sequel series to his money losing take on Battlestar Galactica at SyFy Channel....."Blood & Chrome." Thank God Ronald D. Moore still has his friends at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel because if he didn't, he would be parting ways with Sony right now due to a lack of interested parties purchasing his ideas being developed at Sony. Am I detecting the possibility that Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern perhaps pulled some strings for Ronald D. Moore.....and got him the hardly spectacular Sony gig? Because when you think about it, Ronald D. Moore's body of work at SyFy Channel was hardly spectacular, and his body of work was always ratings challenged. A body of work that wouldn't have in itself, gotten Ronald D. Moore the Sony gig. And before SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore was safely sandwiched within the "Rick Berman Star Trek staff writer's circle" and "producing circle." In itself, not worthy of the move to Sony either. If that were the case, Brannon Braga would have gotten the Sony gig long before Ronald D. Moore would have been even considered. Or Rene Encheverra, or Rick Berman would have gotten it. As near as I can figure, his move to Sony symbolically represents what SyFy Channel wishes Ronald D. Moore's career prospects could be. SyFy Channel has always wanted their adopted child (Ronald D. Moore) to be a god in television, and perhaps they sent him off to year round summer camp at Sony in order to try and achieve this.

Has Columbia-Tri Star placed an order for any of Ronald D. Moore's television ideas at Sony? Not to my knowledge. How about Paramount Pictures? New Line Cinema? United Artists? Not to my knowledge. How about any of the other cable networks? FX? Travel? Disney? Hub? ABC Family? Not to my knowledge. Ronald D. Moore remains in the little row boat he has always been in for the past decade producing low rated schlock for the SyFy Channel and occasionally NBC-TV.

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