Monday, February 14, 2011

The SyFy Channel Still Isn't Making Any Money

Remember that stupid ass commercial the SyFy Channel ran in the summer of 09 (at the time that Warehouse 13 debuted) advertising its name change from "Sci-Fi" to "SyFy?" It had a teenage couple (figures) walking hand in hand as they made their way through a museum / house with exotic animals coming to life and fuckin' colored balloons were everywhere? SyFy Channel had high hopes for itself at the time this commercial debuted. They were having delusions of grandeur, that the name change to "SyFy" was going to propel them into the big leagues with "ABC Family", "Nickelodeon", and "Cartoon Network."

Well, a year and a half later, the SyFy Channel remains where it has always been. Stopped dead in the water with continued incompetent management endlessly greenlighting the same old crap from Ronald D. Moore that got them into ratings trouble in the first place. The SyFy Channel hasn't gone anywhere, isn't anywhere now, and won't be getting anywhere in the future because the same old idiots (Bonnie Hammer, Mark Stern, David Howe) who got the channel into trouble in the first place, are still running it. And the same old people who got the SyFy Channel into trouble in the first place with their sure fire ratings poison (Ronald D. Moore, David Eick) are still running lose on the SyFy Channel schedule.

Any business major will tell you that you don't keep doing the same thing again and again in business if it was historically proven to not make money. The SyFy Channel never got the memo. The SyFy Channel instead, spent millions of dollars on that stupid ass commercial in the summer of 09. A tacky piece of cosmetic fluff that promised vague changes of some sort  on the SyFy Channel, that you knew damn well were never going to come true whatever those changes would have been. The SyFy Channel's fundamental problem is and has been....bad management. Plain and simple. The sort of bad management that either denies that it is the problem, or the sort of bad management that puts a band-aid on a hemorrhage. Since this mangement has been running this channel (led by Bonnie Hammer), they have done absolutely nothing worthwhile or of note to propel the Sci-Fi Channel into what it is fully capable of being. A year and a half after that stupid ass commercial, and a good decade and beyond after Bonnie Hammer began managing the Sci-Fi Channel, its future prospects are about as assured as a condemned building facing a wrecking ball. There hasn't been and never shall be anything of note on the SyFy Channel. The channel remains an undefined piece of property herded together with hundreds of other cable channels that do indeed, have defined identities all of their own.
Is it any wonder why the SyFy Channel doesn't have the viewership it should have? Is it any wonder why the SyFy Channel is generally regarded as a vague and financially struggling little cable channel?

One of the SyFy Channel's more obvious faults is that they allowed themselves to fall into the trap of defining Science Fiction fans by the stereotype of  "nerds in the basement." They then proceeded to rebel against, and scratch & claw against what Science Fiction programming is supposed to be.....Science Fiction!! The ironic thing is, the only ones uncomfortable with what Science Fiction programming is supposed to the SyFy Channel! No doubt they erroneously defined Science Fiction fans with the stereotype generally preferred by their corporate colleagues. The general public has never been uncomfortable with Science Fiction television programming in the slightest. After all, the general public grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek reruns. And the present crappy management of the SyFy Channel had to come along and ruin it all with their corporate phobias and corporate bias against Science Fiction television programming. SyFy Channel management are the only ones who have these problems with Science Fiction television programming, and their lack of financial riches reflects that. No doubt SyFy Channel management is embarrassed to be doing what they're doing for a living. This in itself is a good indication that the lot of them need to be fired, and they need to move on with what might genuinely interest them. Dead beats and dead weight at a cable channel (particularly Bonnie Hammer, Daivd Howe, and Mark Stern) is unacceptable.

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