Friday, February 18, 2011

Blood & Chrome is Being Cast With Bargain Basement Unknowns

The other day I commented on the fact that Ronald D. Moore has never been able to get quality actors for his television series. That his only option in the casting process has always been these "Bargain Basement Unknown Actors" from the bowels of Vancouver. Well....sure enough.....lo and behold....the casting process is underway for the "Blood & Chrome" pilot and.....sure enough....lo and behold....."Bargain Basement Unknown Actors" from the bowels of Vancouvers are filling the ranks of the "Blood & Chrome" cast. The sorts of actors you never heard of before and the sorts of actors you will never hear from again after SyFy Channel finally caves in and cancels the inevitable 13 episode "Blood & Chrome" series due to low ratings. Or will SyFy Channel let "Blood & Chrome" move into a low rated second season, third season, or fourth season? Regardless, these bargain basement actors will remain unknowns.

Brian Markinson? Never heard of him. Zak Santiago? Never heard of him. Silas Nash? Ditto. Lili Bordan? Ditto, Ditto. Karen LeBlanc? Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. An extraordinary pool of unknown actors because Ronald D. Moore couldn't get anyone better. Some of these actors are being snatched from the low rated and dud of a series "Caprica." I said this also the other day, didn't I? That there would be "cross-pollination" going on with actors and behind the scene personnel from Ronald D. Moore's old series because his prospects for finding anyone better are wafer thin.

It has always been a small world when it comes to all of Ronald D. Moore's failed television series. Too small. The same uninspired personnel in front of and behind the camera. Of course, this has always mirrored SyFy Channel and Universal Studios with the same old uninspired personnel in white collar management. The same old uninspired personnel ever ready to blow money on yet another uninspired Ronald D. Moore series. "Blood & Chrome" is shaping up to be just that. Yet another boring and uninspired television series from Ronald D. Moore, ripped from his collected memories of every Science Fiction movie and television series he ever watched beginning in his childhood.

The cast members of Ronald D. Moore's series either can't act at all (Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell), or their acting talents strain to reach the limits of bare minimum respectability (Lucy Lawless, Michelle Forbes.) "Blood & Chrome" like "Caprica" and "GINO" before it, will be an in-house, low budget production from the SyFy Channel filmed and post produced in beautiful low budget Vancouver. Ronald D. Moore and his entire entourage (including some SyFy Channel executives) must all live next door to each other in a trailer park in Vancouver, with their mobile homes side by side with one another, for the expeditious opportunity to crank out these low budget and sham television series for the SyFy Channel using the "Battlestar Galactica" brand name and property.

Coming soon to a Wal-Mart DVD bin near you.....the "Blood & Chrome" pilot episode for $5.95. We might even get to buy it before it actually airs on SyFy!!

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