Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glen A. Larson (Jim Bennett) Is Comcast's Problem Now

Comcast inherited an unfortunate problem when they took over ownership and management of Universal Studios / SyFy Chanel. An undiagnosed and Bi-Polar elderly lunatic named Glen A. Larson (Jim Bennett) who has been picking fights with the general public on Internet bulletin boards for over a decade. Universal Studios and SyFy Channel are a couple of those types of subsidiaries (as Comcast will soon find out) that has its fair share of mentally ill "riff-raff" dwelling within the dark crevices of corporate depravity. At some point no doubt, Comcast management will catch wind of Glen A. Larson's nefarious antics on the Internet (supposedly for the greater good of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel) and after meeting him will no doubt conclude....."Hmmmm, this is a real odd ball we have working for us. What the Hell should we do with him? Where the Hell should we stick him so he won't embarrass us at some future date?" So at some point, expect Comcast to stick Glen A. Larson (Jim Bennett) in sub-basement 23 of Comcast corporate headquarters, just to keep him away from civilized society. Larson will be sitting at a little wooden desk right next to the boiler room trying to solve a Rubik's Cube, with his Internet priviliges permanently revoked. Think of Dan Aykroyd in "Spies Like Us."

What other little gems of human depravity will Comcast eventually discover at Universal Studios / SyFy Channel? Maybe Bonnie Hammer? David Howe? Mark Stern? The "Undynamic Trio of Financial Woe" who collectively never could turn a profit at the SyFy Channel. I'd love to find out where Comcast sticks them. Maybe in the boiler room next to Glen A. Larson's little wooden desk.

If you're a gigantic corporation like Comcast, what do you with the non-performers (Bonnie Hammer), and the undiagnosed Internet vagrants (Jim Bennett) who collect paychecks from one of your subsidiaries for no reason at all, and give nothing in return? What do you do? In the case of Comcast, it's time for them to start cleaning house. Putting it mildly, Comcast needs to "open up a can of whoop-ass" on the dead beat corporate culture at both Universal Studios and SyFy Channel, and get some infinitely better, quality people in there at once. Jim Bennett (Glen A. Larson), Bonnie Hammer, Mark Stern, and David Howe all need to go and follow their life aspirations of being general, all around pests somewhere else. Because at some point, Comcast is going to realize that they just don't need these people, or want these people. These people are what Corporate America likes to affectionately refer to as "non-essential components of the corporate mission." This is especially true of Bonnie Hammer and Jim Bennett (Glen A. Larson.)

Comcast may also decide that having a deranged and wildly out of control stealth marketing campaign emanating from Universal Studios and SyFy Channel (originally put into place to try and strong arm and intimidate the general public into watching Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" series back in 2003, and has long since mutated into an elderly and undiagnosed Bi-Polar.....Jim Bennett.....attacking the general public on Internet bulletin boards for no reason at all) may not fit into their contemporary corporate culture, which means the old dinosaurs of 2003.....Bonnie Hammer and Glen A. Larson (Jim Bennett)......will need to be "Ice Aged" by Comcast once and for all.

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