Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mental Illness Has Always Been a Prerequisite to Stealth Marketing for Universal Studios / SyFy Channel

So, you want to explore the highly futile and low paying position of stealth marketing for Universal Studios and SyFy Channel? Your application might very well get turned down as you might not be considered "mentally ill" enough to fulfill the position. Of course, the likes of Glen A. Larson (who posts as NBC-Universal on the Frakheads board) got hired on right away because quite frankly, the guy has always had a screw loose. He has always had that vital mentally ill characteristic necessary for stealth marketing. To continue doing so despite the fact that the activity has done absolutely nothing to improve the on-line reputation of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel, and after a decade of trying to swing public opinion the other way in favor of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel, Glen A. Larson (NBC-Universal) has failed to mask the fact that Universal Studios and SyFy Channel totally suck ass in their (attempted and failed) management of the Battlestar Galactica property, and the fact that Universal Studios and SyFy Channel totally suck ass in their handling of anything having to do with Science Fiction or Fantasy.

The last resting place of Glen A. Larson's (NBC-Universal's) stealth marketing activities is the Frakheads board, where his total audience of maybe five fellow (mentally ill) stealth marketers nod their heads at everything the lunatic says, no matter how insane it is....."Yep, that's right Glen!! That's how I see it too!!" Glen A. Larson only posts there now, because his glory days of having seven fellow lunatics (stealth marketers) agreeing with him in unison is now long gone. Larson still posts his endless book reports (actually his wishful fantasies that he has a global audience of millions trembling at his every word) on the Frakheads board, in between his raiding of his refrigerator which is actually the size of the Empire State Building. The usual contents are always there. Beer.....cold cuts.....Hostess Ding Dongs......350 gallons of milk.....and a lifetime supply of Cocoa Pebbles breakfast cereal.

I haven't been to the Frakheads forum in ages, because I recognize a dead forum when I know one. I know the Frakheads forum is a graveyard of lunatics who either stealth marketed for Universal Studios and SyFy Channel, or lunatics who agreed with the nonsense that was said in the stealth marketing...."Yep, that's how I see it too, Glen!!" All of this insanity points to the sad fact of course, that the reason why the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series was never revived, is because its copyright owners have been too mentally ill to do so. It would take mentally healthy people to bring back the "Battlestar Galactica" series from the year 1978, and imbue it with all of its former, optimistic ingredients: Hope, a strong sense of family and friendship within a normal and loving family, the triumph of the human spirit, and perseverance in reaching a goal. These are advanced concepts of humanity (from the point of view of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel) that the management at Universal Studios and SyFy Channel could never grasp, because the lot of them are all mentally ill. So, they do and continue to do the only thing mentally ill people know how to do, crank out Ronald D. Moore's mentally ill renditions of the "Battlestar Galactica" story. This is the mentally ill nonsense the stealth marketing on behalf of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel has been trying (and failing) to defend, justify, and rationalize for the past decade. Glen A. Larson (NBC-Universal on the Frakheads board) has been the primary perpetrator in failing to stealth market and package not only the mental illness evident in every film frame of every series Ronald D. Moore has done for the SyFy Channel, but also the overall crappy producing and scriptwriting evident in every series Ronald D. Moore has done for the SyFy Channel.

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