Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Worry Everybody, Jim A. Larson....Has a Handle on it All

Don't worry everybody....Jim A. Larson....has a handle on it all. He has it all under control. The delusional narcissist suffering from a false sense of omnipotence (Grandiosity...a sub-symptom of Bi-Polar Disorder) has all of the negative opinions ravaging Universal Studios and SyFy Channel all under control. He has come to the rescue in his little cape and little red boots and successfully cleansed the Internet of all negative opinions attacking his poor little Universal Studios and his poor little SyFy Channel. Except for the four forums trashing his beloved little corporation, the four to five books trashing his beloved little corporation, the positive reviews on in favor of these books trashing his beloved little corporation, and this blog trashing his beloved little corporation.....Jim A. Larson has it all under control.

It's ironic that the more time has passed, and the harder Jim A. Larson...has fought these critical opinions of his beloved little corporation, the more he has slipped, the more he has lost his footing, the more his ego and his false sense of pride was sucked from him liter by liter....the more he has fabricated his delusional little success stories claiming the exact opposite. If Jim A. Larson no longer has access to his enemies on an outdated forum (Frakheads) he claims his enemies have "gone underground." Despite the fact that his enemies are just a mouse click away on the very forums Jim A. too afraid to visit. If he can't find the book stores where the books (he has been involuntarily obsessing over for years) showcased on this blog, are being sold, he claims the books aren't being sold anywhere. In Jim Bennett' A. Larson's mind (how Bi-Polar it is), the entire world revolves around him and his double decker keyboard / laptop. If the Internet doesn't display for him what he wants displayed,  it doesn't exist. Jim A. Larson....believes that the physical world is as cyber-spaced as the Internet world is. If he can't make it display on his little-wittle keyboard, it doesn't exist.

The truth of the matter is, Jim A. the worst stealth marketer working for a corporation (Universal Studios / SyFy Channel) who has ever lived. A monumentally inept, bungling, and idiotic dufus who couldn't stealth market his way out of a Girl Scout cookie seminar. An unprecedented buffoon who has spent the past decade tripping over his own shoe laces trying to "stay on top of it"....and....."get it under control." So, he blames other people for his own shortcomings. He fabricates imaginary scenarios to give himself the benefit of the doubt. Jim A. Larson....has been no more under control of the counter-stealth marketing campaign kicking his beloved corporation in the teeth during the past decade, than he has been under control of his own life...and all of the eccentric etceteras that no doubt are components of his life. "Nothing personal you have totally sucked ass as a stealth marketer. Here's your pink slip. Hit the dusty trail and don't look back." A remark Universal Studios / SyFy Channel should have uttered to Jim A. Larson....a good half decade ago.

The counter-stealth marketing campaign against Universal Studios / SyFy Channel.....Jim A. Larson was charged with neutralizing, has only grown in size. A testament to his absolute incompetence as the superhero in the little red cape and the little red boots Universal Studios / SyFy Channel placed their hopes on. Jim A. Larson...has now been reduced to babbling incessantly (on about how he can't find his own ass on Mapquest, and quite frankly can't find anything else he sets out to find. Jim A. Larson....quite frankly has always been the incompetent little John McCain in his tiny little delusional corner of cyberspace he has occupied as a vagrant for a decade. Etch-a-Sketching his delusional little success stories of battles he won yet never actually competently fought. Jim Bennett (like John McCain) needs to get out of what has been way over his head for a decade, and spend his elderly years roaming beaches in baggy shorts looking for buried treasure in the sand. Maybe he'll find the pilot script to "Galactica: 1980."

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