Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Can't Ronald D. Moore Attract Quality Actors to His Television Series?

Ronald D. Moore's supernatural / cop thingy series for NBC is in the casting process, and the only actor Ronald D. Moore has been able to attract (as its star??) is Jamie Bamber. Jamie Bamber? One of the former cast members of his "GINO" tv series? That's not trying very hard in the casting process, is it? Or more than likely, it could be something else. That the name Ronald D. Moore attached to any television series simply does not attract the pool of acting talent necessary to successfully pull off a television series. If you were an actor working today (a serious dramatic actor), and an acting job came across your agent's desk, and your agent submitted the audition offer to you....would you go? you wouldn't . Perhaps it's because that after close to a decade of being an unsuccessful television producer (Ronald D. Moore), the acting pool out there available to you would only be the former cast members of your prior television series. Thus, Jamie Bamber pops up and is chosen for a starring role in Ronald D. Moore's new (inevitably doomed) television series for NBC-TV.

Much like the upcoming (and inevitably doomed "Blood & Chrome" series on SyFy Channel), Ronald D. Moore's new series for NBC-TV isn't generating any excitement or enthusiasm either. Perhaps it's because that after a decade of seeing Ronald D. Moore's work as a television producer / writer, and how far too often his work falls into a boring and uneventful rut of lazy producing and scriptwriting, the television viewing public simply has had enough of Ronald D. Moore and all of his fellow producing, writing, and acting cronies from his former television series always popping back up where ever Ronald D. Moore pops back up.

Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, Edward James Olmos. These are the sorts of second rate actors associated with Ronald D. Moore that always guarantees a boring hour of television for everyone. Should we be ecstatic or thrilled that Jamie Bamber has been cast in Ronald D. Moore's new series for NBC? No. We should regard it as a great big "yawn" as it guarantees (through this first step in the casting process) that Ronald D. Moore and his entire entourage of boring crap makers are gearing up for yet another extremely boring hour of television.

Mentally, Ronald D. Moore has never stopped making his "GINO" series for the SyFy Channel. He's just calling it by two different titles now....."Blood & Chrome" on the SyFy Channel....and whatever the title of his NBC series will be. Ronald D. Moore's cast and crew of boring crap makers herd like buffalo from one failed television series to the next regardless of what network it is on. The lack of variety always evident in the casting process of any Ronald D. Moore television series perfectly mirrors the lack of variety always evident in the behind the scenes personnel of Ronald D. Moore's series. No doubt that at the same time that "Blood & Chrome" and Moore's NBC series will be in production (at the same time), there will be cross pollination going on between the two series as to behind the scenes personnel, and available actors. Simply because no one else in the television industry wants to be associated with the inevitable "sinking ship" that has become the "too common" characteristic of a Ronald D. Moore series. So, the ranks available to Ronald D. Moore have been as wafer thin as they always have been.

Who will be cast in Ronald D. Moore's NBC series next? Kevin Sorbo? Lucy Lawless? Nitwits from the former "Caprica" cast members? I'm telling you, Ronald D. Moore has been treading water and not going anywhere for the past decade. When your instinctive reactions to the news of any new Ronald D. Moore series is "repulsiveness", "yawning", or "ridicule" directed Moore's way, it's always best to avoid anything he does in television like the plague. Because Moore still hasn't gotten off of his "ego high horse", and his work still stinks.

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