Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ronald D. Moore + Star Trek = Blood & Chrome

SyFy Channel's upcoming financially unsuccessful and low budget series "Blood & Chrome" will be emulating "Star Trek" and "Top Gun" left and right. SyFy Channel's latest attempt to take Ronald D. Moore's highly unsuccessful and highly uninspired take on "Battlestar Galactica", and infusing it with lots of action and adventure. Mind you, SyFy Channel hasn't changed a damn thing in Ronald D. Moore's losing formula, they're just infusing it with lots of steroids. This is how the retards at Universal Studios / SyFy Channel think. After Ronald D. Moore's highly unsuccessful take on "Battlestar Galactica" has already failed twice ("Caprica", "GINO"), they think that infusing his same losing formula with steroids will yield a successful television series the third time around.

SyFy Channel's rather novel approach to television production....failing again and again with the same losing formula has certainly cemented their crappy reputation as a backwater little cable channel that embraces failure and all of the financial consequences that go along with it. SyFy Channel apparently regards the losing formula that Ronald D. Moore came up with for his shabby karaoke rendition of "Battlestar Galactica", as an adopted child that needs to be coddled again and again, no matter how much of an imbecile the child is. "Blood & Chrome" will fail because it will contain the same problems that "GINO" and "Caprica" had. Inferior producing and scriptwriting, an ill-defined and hardly coherent premise, the surfaces of alien planets looking just like a sunny afternoon in British Columbia due to the location shooting that will be done there, everyone wearing three piece suits and overcoats, and no attempt whatsoever will be made to implement imaginative art direction and production design to try and convince the audience that "Blood & Chrome" does not take place on Earth in the present day. On top of all of these previous mistakes that made their appearances in "GINO" and "Caprica", SyFy Channel will then try to put a fresh coat of action / adventure paint on these mistakes in order to.....see if that works for "Blood & Chrome." To see if that might finally yield (for them) a financially successful television series.

Ronald D. Moore has been ripping off "Star Trek" for so long in what he has done for the SyFy Channel it now seems like a long term, never ending hangover. Moore's favorite source for "Star Trek" ideas he likes to regurgitate is "Star Trek - The Next Generation." No doubt he believes that because the "Next Generation" is the oldest of the "Star Trek" series he used to work on, no one will remember what he is ripping off. Of course, don't put it past Moore to mine the "1966 Star Trek" series for ideas either. Nothing is safe from Ronald D. Moore. This certainly holds true of a character that recently popped up in a "Blood & Chrome" pre-production painting. It shows a fembot alien of same sort bearing a striking resemblance to the character of "Sil" in the "Species" movies. Moore no doubt feels that because the "Species" movies are roughly 15 years old, no one will remember "Sil." This character has a slaughtered victim in its cybernetic hands, on an ice planet. Can we look forward to Moore ripping off "Gun on Ice Planet Zero" and the "Hoth" planet as well in "The Empire Strikes Back?"

It won't be necessary for anyone to watch "Blood & Chrome" on the SyFy Channel. Because everyone will have already seen the source material "Blood & Chrome" rips off, in the much better productions the source material came from: "The Empire Strikes Back", "Species", and "Star Trek - The Next Generation." Quite frankly, "Blood & Chrome" can rip-off  "Top Gun" all it wants to, because I never liked that movie anyway.

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