Sunday, March 27, 2011

After Almost a Decade, The Old Guard At NBC-Universal is Still Trying to Probe and Mine Ronald D. Moore For Talent He Simply Does Not Have

Either you have talent or you don't. This is what we know about Ronald D. Moore:

1. He doesn't have any talent in producing and writing televised Science Fiction.
2. He doesn't have any talent in trying to navigate his way through the Battlestar Galactica property.
3. The success "Star Trek-The Next Generation" enjoyed had absolutely nothing to do with him.
4. He is without any inspired or original ideas of his own.
5. "Blood & Chrome" will flop just as "GINO" and "Caprica" did.
6. "C.S.I. - Harry Potter" will flop just as "Virtuosity" and "G vs. E" did.

Yet....after a resume like that....the old guard at NBC-Universal refuses to give up on this guy. Yes, the relationship between Ronald D. Moore and NBC-Universal has been thoroughly political...but NBC-Universal keeps hoping that there will be some eventual fringe benefits connected to their thoroughly political relationship with Ronald D. Moore...such as Moore eventually displaying talent....and inspired, original thinking in what he does. (NBC-Universal would never phrase it that way.....but the gist of it is....NBC-Universal won't give up on Moore until he starts making them money...even after his new home base is now Sony.) I suspect that even at this late date, the old guard at NBC-Universal still futily believes that there is a "smash hit television series" somewhere inside of Ronald D. Moore just waiting to bust out. So, they most recently have mined him for "Blood & Chrome" and "C.S.I. - Harry Potter"...and have crossed their corporate fingers.

Of course, the more rational route for the old guard at NBC-Universal to have gone, would have been to seek out those in the Science Fiction television profession who could have delivered a "smash hit Science Fiction television series" to them in a fraction of the time (not a fuckin' decade and still waiting.) NBC-Universal could have sought out Brannon Braga, Kenneth Johnson, Joss Whedon, or Chris Carter.

I think alot of it has to do with the fact that the old guard at NBC-Universal (aside from personally loving Ronald D. Moore to pieces) refuses to admit the fact that they were wrong in the first place for having hooked up with Ronald D. Moore, and expecting him to deliver to them a revamped....smash hit....."Battlestar Galactica" series. These corporate fuckers will never admit.....that they made a mistake.
Ronald D. Moore hasn't delivered a smash hit television series to them in close to a decade because Ronald D. Moore simply lacks the talent to do so. And the old guard at NBC-Universal won't give up on him partially because they refuse to admit....that they were wrong.

Ronald D. Moore's vocation resides elsewhere....such as sitcom scriptwriter, or reality show scriptwriter. In almost a decade, there has been no evidence whatsoever that Ronald D. Moore is the "Science Fiction Genius" that the old guard at NBC-Universal still wants him to be unanimously regarded as. Even that little shit who is a left over fragment of NBC-Universal's "GINO Stealth Marketing Campaign" (Darth Marley) is regarding the (ho-hum) upcoming "C.S.I. - Harry Potter" as...."The new greatest show ever from Ronald D. Moore." Corporate level self denial is amusing to behold, isn't it? Especially when it's a decade old.

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