Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In All Honesty, How Far Can You Take The Hardly Inspired Concept of Police Officers and Magic?

Ronald D. Moore is getting ready to rip-off the "Harry Potter" movies by throwing police officers into the mix and endowing them with magic. In all honesty, how far can you possibly take a highly derivative and boring concept like this?

(Chief of Police Potter, Detective Zahn, and Detective Jase are standing over a mutilated body)

Potter: "What do you think, Detective Zahn?"

Detective Zahn: "It's a mutilated body."

Potter: "What do you think, Detective Jase?"

Detective Jase: "It's a mutilated body."

Potter: "Any theories?"

Detective Zahn: "There's only one way to solve this crime."

(Zahn and Jase join their rings together)

Zahn / Jase: "Wonder Twin powers.....Activate!!"

Detective Zahn: "Shape of.....a crystal ball!!"

Detective Jase: "Shape of....a Lear Jet!!"

(Chief of Police Potter takes the crystal ball and boards the Lear Jet. It flies to the bad guy's hang out. Chief of Police Potter confronts the bad guy face to face.)

Chief of Police Potter: "So!! You committed the crime!!"

Bad Guy: "Yes."

(The first episode of Ronald D. Moore's "C.S.I. - Harry Potter" concludes.)

Is that more or less what every episode of this nonsense of Ronald D. Moore's will involve?

Let's look back at Ronald D. Moore's stab at "Battlestar Galactica." How far did he take that?

(Scenes of spaceships floating in deep space)

Cut to....Edward James Olmos frowning....

Cut to....Mary McDonnell frowning......

Cut to....More spaceships in deep space....

Cut to....rapes, violence, religion, politics...

Cut to...more frowning.....Especially Edward James Olmos frowning

Cut to....More spaceships in deep space....

Yes, I have alot of confidence in Ronald D. anything he gets his hands on....

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