Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shirts, Ties, & Business Suits Are The Preferred Wardrobe of The Talentless Ronald D. Moore

Pictures have begun rolling in from Ronald D. Moore's new flop for NBC-TV....."17th Precinct." And gosh....golly...gee willakers!! What are the cast members of "17th Precinct" wearing? None other than the same shirts, ties, and business suits Ronald D. Moore made infamous in his "GINO" and "Caprica" series!! Keep in mind....that Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct" is supposed to be taking place in some alternate dimension of reality where the fantastic realm of magic is supposed to help cops solve crimes!! Ronald D. Moore has already diluted that potentially....moderately underwhelming premise even further by merely shipping his "Sears" and "Carson Pirie Scott" everyday wardrobe from "GINO" and "Caprica" over to "17th Precinct." Yes Sir!! That infamous wardrobe stored in the "Ronald D. Moore Warehouse of Low Budget Wardrobe / Articles of Clothing" (originally purchased from "Sears" and "Carson Pirie Scott" ) is gearing up for its infamous return to television for yet another unsuccessful Ronald D. Moore series.

One would think that in some alternate reality where magic is used routinely to solve crimes, those who possess such magic would use that very magic to attire themselves in a wardrobe more "snazzy" and "colorful." Colorful robes with hoods.....sparkling sport coats with sapphires......ruby slippers.....kaleidescope patterned pull over sweaters in bright sunny colors. Heck no!! Not in any series done by Ronald D. Moore. Just in terms of the wardrobe that Ronald D. Moore keeps rolling over from one unsuccessful television series to the next....Ronald D. Moore is without a doubt the most boring and dull unsuccessful television producer on the face of the earth. (This in addition to his infamous and unprecedented lack of imagination in everything he does.) It doesn't matter what the premises of his television series are...and whether his television series (supposedly) take place in some far off galaxy, or in some alternate realm where magic rules......Everyone is dressed in drab business suits.

Just as the original members of the "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" of "Saturday Night Live" (Dan Aykroyd,, Bill Murray, John Belushi) were this close knit bunch of truly eccentric personalities.....Ronald D. Moore and his little group of eccentric oddities (actors & behind the scenes personnel) who continue to make these weird ass and unsuccessful television series for NBC-TV and SyFy Channel are this "eccentric little group" of "Rob Zombie" back woods types....with their business suit wardrobes, and less than stellar producing and scriptwriting skills.....and ever revolving Z-Grade cast members (Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer) who are as interchangeable in an episode of "GINO" and "Caprica" as they will be in "17th Precinct" and more than likely...."Blood & Chrome."

Ronald D. Moore never makes any attempt to try and improve himself in how he goes about producing and writing a television series. And NBC-TV and SyFy Channel will certainly never entertain the notion of instructing Ronald D. Moore to modify his approach in tackling a would be Science Fiction / Fantasy television series because NBC and SyFy are as brain dead as he is in these matters. It never occurs to either one of them that...."Gee, maybe we should have a different type of wardrobe this time around"....or....."Gee, maybe we should hire some fresh actors this time around"......or....."Gee, maybe instead of being so deadly serious this time....maybe '17th Precinct' should be alot lighter in tone." Ronald D. Moore and NBC-TV / SyFy Channel are laboratory examples of arrested wisdom in their line of thinking. Maybe if they were more flexible in their line of thinking....they might actually start making money together.

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