Saturday, March 12, 2011

The More Ronald D. Moore Hangs On For Dear Life as a Television Producer, The More His Lack of Clout Continues to Show

Have I or have I not been saying since this blog began....that Ronald D. Moore will forever shall be thoroughly dependent upon his "Rogues Gallery of B Actor No Talents" (from Canada) for all of his television productions? Have I or have I not been saying that because no legitimate actors or actresses would be caught dead in a Ronald D. Moore production because of his track record of unprecedented failure at the SyFy Channel....he would have to mine the same old pool of "B Actors" everytime he started a new television production?

Sure enough.....lo and behold.....preliminary casting news is coming out of Ronald D. Moore's inevitably doomed new pilot for NBC-TV (the only commercial broadcast network that will blindly hire him no matter how badly he fails previously because NBC-TV has a sibling ultra-failing cable network called SyFy Channel that has also inexplicably hired the chronically failing Ronald D. Moore) on occasion. Ronald D. Moore has a new series lined up for NBC-TV called "Something....Something.....13." Sure enough, all of the chronically unemployed "B-Actors" who appeared in Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" and "Caprica" series are lining up like salivating bar flies to appear in Ronald D. Moore's new NBC-TV series because they can't find employment (legitimate acting gigs) anywhere else....and Ronald D. Moore sure as hell can't find legitimate actors to appear in his new NBC-TV series.

So....the likes of Tricia Helfer, James Callis, Jamie Bamber, and Kristin Kruek will appear in Ronald D. Moore's new "Harry Potter Rip-Off Series" for NBC-TV because the lot of them are chronically unemployed in between every single low rated Ronald D. Moore series. And Ronald D. Moore wouldn't have a series to air if his "Rogues Gallery of Readily Available B-Actors" weren't around to answer his "B-Actor Casting Calls."

I have single handedly predicted every phase of Ronald D. Moore's mock career in this blog thus far. I knew that once Ronald D. Moore moved to Sony it wouldn't really be a move at all because NBC-TV and SyFy Channel would continue to be his only buyers. I successfully predicted that the only actors who would appear in any new Ronald D. Moore series would be only the actors he previously cast in "GINO" and "Caprica." I successfully predicted that no one else in the industry would hire him for any reason....and because of that he would not venture too far away from NBC-TV and SyFy Channel. I successfully predicted that Ronald D. Moore would be unemployed without NBC-TV and SyFy Channel. I successfully predicted that Ronald D. Moore's long term relationship with NBC-TV and SyFy Channel was not based upon legitimate talent or financial success but rather.....personal favors.

All of it.....Every last bit of it.....has come to pass.

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