Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Blood & Chrome" May Be SyFy Channel's Admission That They Screwed Up With "GINO" And "Caprica", But It's An Admission That Doesn't Go Far Enough


Infamous urban legend is floating around the Internet that the reason why SyFy Channel green lit "Blood & Chrome" for production is that they were ultimately unhappy with the endless story arcs spilling all over the place into subsequent episodes of "GINO" and "Caprica", and they were also unhappy with the primarily religious and soap opera nonsense dominating both series. So, SyFy Channel wants to take this highly unoriginal and highly derivative universe of Ronald D. Moore's....and clean it up & make it self contained, action / adventure episodes where each episode can stand on its own without the viewer needing to watch any prior episodes. This is their goal for "Blood & Chrome." I smell a series coming out of this back door pilot titled "Blood & Chrome"....and I also smell SyFy Channel's desire to eventually sell "Blood & Chrome" into syndication....where they couldn't sell "GINO" and "Caprica" due to their "endless story arcs" and religious / soap opera nonsense.

The problem here is....is that the SyFy Channel's unspoken admissions of failure with both "GINO" and "Caprica" do not go far enough. The problems with "GINO" and "Caprica" weren't merely endless story arcs, and the botched merging of religion and soap operas. The problems involve Ronald D. Moore's overall botched conception of this highly derivative and highly unoriginal universe in the first place....where both "GINO" and "Caprica" resided. This universe of Ronald D. Moore's has already been long since proven as not being a mass market, commercial success. The market simply did not take to Ronald D. Moore, and his poor man's "Karaoke Rendition" of Battlestar Galactica. You can do whatever you want to this boring universe of Ronald D. Moore's. You can "story arc" the hell out of it.....you can bring "God" into it....you can turn it into an another episode of "All My Children"....you can turn it into self contained, action / adventure episodes as the new "Blood & Chrome" will be....you can freeze dry it, thaw it out....even serve it under glass. The fact is...with "Blood & Chrome".....SyFy Channel is taking this commercially failing venture of Ronald D. Moore's....and putting yet another spin on it....which won't work. Because no matter how many different ways you "shake" it.....it's always going to be a commercially failing venture.

SyFy Channel's indications that they refuse to give up on this "flop" of Ronald D. Moore's points to a cable channel in more serious trouble than anyone initially thought. When was the last time you saw a project....any project....coming out of the SyFy Channel that either wasn't more of Ronald D. Moore's usual crap....or wasn't another stupid ass monster movie? SyFy Channel has been its own "Grim Reaper"....locking themselves into both money losing ventures to such a degree...that financial doom is the inevitable outcome. Perhaps SyFy Channel believes that endlessly regurgitating Ronald D. Moore's boring universe will eventually yield an ROI to them for all of the dollars they spent on stealth marketing the hell out of "GINO" and "Caprica." In other words....an ROI for all of the dollars they paid to "Abraham & Harrison" for attacking the general public on Internet bulletin boards. Because lord knows, would be advertising revenue (from any source) sure as hell didn't reimburse them in any way.

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