Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There Is a Rare Class of Individuals in Movies & Television...Those Who Never Get Famous


Brian Levant is a nice guy I suppose. He comes across that way in the behind the scenes documentaries he always appears in....in the movies he has directed. I have nothing against the guy. Although he has either been producing and directing for a good 20 years, no one knows who he is because he never achieved that "Steven Spielbergian" level of superstardom. However, he has directed some movies here or there that many people enjoy on a rainy day. "The Flinstones", "The Flintstones - Viva Rock Vegas!!", "Scooby Doo, The Mystery Begins", and "Scooby Doo, Curse of the Lake Monster." Not William Shakespeare by any means but still fun stuff. I guess you would call Brian Levant "working class" because he isn't a superstar globally known, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Ronald D. Moore on the other hand, is in the same category as Brian Levant. However,  Brian Levant is leaps and bounds above Ronald D. Moore in the class department because Levant has never pretended to be what he isn't, and he has never come across as an asshole while attempting to do so as Ronald D. Moore has. Ronald D. Moore will be the first to reiterate the more notorious catch phrases conjured up for him by the SyFy Channel stealth marketing department (the attack squad against the general public.) Moore will be the first to call himself a "genius"...."imaginative"......"ground breaker"......."revolutonary"......"television's Messiah.....etc. etc....and all of that other bullshit SyFy Channel came up with.

The fact is....Ronald D. Moore is in the same boat as Brian Levant. And Ronald D. Moore is no greater than Brian Levant professionally speaking. Toiling away for decades and really never getting anywhere other than the starting point you have always been toiling at. Every new project Ronald D. Moore has been involved in either never came to frution ("Virtuosity"), or has been in the same intellectual category as a "Scooby Doo" or "Flintstones" movie. Of course I'm speaking of all of Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica" related nonsense for the SyFy Channel, or his upcoming "Harry Potter - Book em' Danno" schlock for NBC.

A good 20 years of being in this business has yielded for Ronald D. Moore....."eternal unknown-dom" on the order of Brian Levant and his career. Quite frankly, there is no higher category to place Ronald D. Moore in. And even SyFy Channel's mean spirited and relentless stealth marketing campaign on Ronald D. Moore's behalf has failed to propel Moore into Steven Spielberg or George Lucas territory.

This is in no way meant to slam Brian Levant, because I love his stuff. Silly and innocent. But it is meant to slam Ronald D. Moore. Maybe if SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore weren't so pompous, mean spirited, and delusional in trying to stealth market an artificial career for Ronald D. Moore, the most I would be saying about Ronald D. Moore right now is that....."Well, he's just another Brian Levant"......or....."Ronald D. Moore gave 'Galactica' a shot but just couldn't hack it." It's pretty much because of the mean spirited egos (and unrealistic preconceived career expectations) of Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel that this blog exists.

Do you think that....maybe by now....SyFy Channel would have entertained the notion that "there are other people out there who could take a stab at Battlestar Galactica?" Especially when you consider that everything Galactica related for the SyFy Channel Ronald D. Moore has done...has been a financial disaster (a flop?) Perhaps Kenneth Johnson? J. Michael Straczynski? Joss Whedon? Hell no!! "Ronald D. Moore is SyFy Channel's 'love child' and they're sticking with him through thick & thin!!"

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