Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bryan Singer Bails On "Battlestar Galactica".....Again?


Entertainment Weekly Magazine
April 2, 2011 Issue
Page 28

quote - "While director Bryan Singer won't begin principal photography on "Jack the Giant Killer"-his take on the "Jack and the Beanstalk" fairy tale - until March 28th, he's already shooting motion capture of the giants, "Avatar" style, with actors Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci. "I had not yet made a film with fully rendered CG characters, [using] performance and motion capture and 3-D", he tells EW. "I was excited to do that." The 2012 film stars Nicholas Hoult as a farm boy who scales a huge beanstalk to rescue a princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) from giants. Ian McShane plays her father, the king. Hoult came to Singer's attention while playing Beast in June's "X-Men: First Class", which Singer is producing with Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass) directing. Vaughn landed the gig after a chance meeting with Singer at the chic L.A. club Soho House last spring. "I gave him the broad strokes," says Singer. "He texted me the next morning, and I went over to his hotel and gave him the sober pitch." - Adam B. Vary - unquote

Does it surprise anyone that under Bryan Singer's heading at http://www.imdb.com, that out of the three simultaneous projects originally listed together as being in production ("Jack the Giant Killer", "X-Men: First Class", and "Battlestar Galactica")...."Battlestar Galactica" is the one project that has fallen by the wayside? At least fallen off of Bryan Singer's radar once again? Come on people!! This is a 33 year old Vaudeville routine of Universal Studios as old as the old guard at Universal Studios itself.

Of course, in the case of Bryan Singer, I take it as a blessing in disguise that he may no longer have a directing assignment for any "Battlestar Galactica" film....especially when he recently admitted how he fucked up "Superman Returns."

Bryan Singer: "I was going after the "Devil Wears Pravda" crowd when I made 'Superman Returns.' I was going after the middle aged women who flocked to that movie."

Really? What crowd would Bryan Singer have gone after if he had directed a "Battlestar Galactica" movie? The "Driving Miss Daisy" crowd? I think Bryan Singer should stay away from the entire universe of Colonial Warriors, Cylon Centurions, Battlestars, Vipers, and Raiders....for the rest of his life.

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