Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ronald D. Moore's Brethren


Yes, the following individuals are in the same "In Limbo / Not Really Ever Known" category as Ronald D. Moore....You knew they were around here & there...But they never achieved superstardom....Not by a long shot.

1) Skip Stephenson
2) Chuck Barris
3) Chuck Woolery
4) Brian Levant
5) Ivan Goff
6) Ben Roberts
7) Sarah Purcell
8) Charles Nelson Reilly
9) Fanny Flagg
10) Dan Curtis
11) Jimmy Osmond
12) Tony DeFranco & The DeFranco Family
13) Sandy Duncan
14) Tony Dow
15) Jim Nabors
16) Lyle Waggoner
17) Charro
18) Ruth Buzzi
19) Tiny Tim
20) The Hee Haw Honeys
21) Gopher, Julie, and Doc from the Love Boat
22) Chief O'Hara from the old Batman tv show

This is that special category of "Brethren" that Ronald D. Moore belongs to, where no matter how long these people stay in the movie / tv business, they're instantly forgotten once they retire.

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