Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Clock is Ticking to When Comcast Will Have to Round Up All of The Stealth Marketers

This is something I like to affectionately refer to as...."Corporate Damage Control." Comcast has an unpleasant duty (and embarrassing duty for all those involved) coming up on its new owner slate. All of the Universal Studios / SyFy Channel executives and employees of "Abraham & Harrison" still roaming the Internet and still stealth marketing for both of Ronald D. Moore's long since cancelled television series ("Caprica", and "GINO") are going to have to be rounded up (herded) by Comcast so that Comcast can objectively assess exactly what the hell these idiots have been doing on Internet bulletin boards for the past decade (primarily arguing with the general public on Internet bulletin boards above and beyond the call of mere stealth marketing)....and why they have been doing this. Who know? Maybe Comcast will determine that their employees of Universal Studios / SyFy Channel and the hired thugs of "Abraham & Harrison" have been engaging in illegal activity during the past decade....and implement the appropriate remedies.

I can think of a few things Comcast needs to do first. Comcast needs to shut down the following forums:, the, and All three forums have been a "hive collective" of every Universal Studios / SyFy Channel executive with an undiagnosed psychological problem, and every stealth marketing employee of "Abraham & Harrison" with an undiagnosed psychological problem. Comcast needs to put to an end this overly stale era at Universal Studios / SyFy Channel. Their corporate employees and "Abraham & Harrison" with undiagnosed psychological problems taking it upon themselves to redefine what "stealth marketing" is, and using that deranged definition of theirs as an excuse to argue with the general public on Internet bulletin boards.....about just about anything. Go to any of these forums....pick a topic (any topic) out of thin air....and corporate executives from Universal Studios / SyFy Channel (who inhabit these forums 365 days a year including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) will pick a fight with you. And so will the hired thugs of the stealth marketing firm "Abraham & Harrison" (hired by Universal Studios and SyFy Channel). If this necessary clean up job isn't at the top of Comcast's "to do" list will eventually have to be at the top of their "to do" list in the very near future.

How would that make any corporation look? A corporation that has executive employees with undiagnosed psychological problems, and employees of "Abraham & Harrison" with similar psychological difficulties....engaging in a deranged definition of stealth marketing for a decade. A stealth marketing campaign that technically should have ended back in 2003 immediately after Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" (Galactica in Name Only) pilot / miniseries had aired. A stealth marketing campaign that continued on through all four seasons of the "GINO" series, continued on through to "Caprica", and is still firmly in place for "Blood & Chrome." A stealth marketing campaign that became much more than that via the emotional instability of Universal Studios / SyFy Channel as a corporation. A stealth marketing campaign that Universal Studios / SyFy Channel doesn't merely use for the promotion of Ronald D. Moore's latest drek, but rather as a defense mechanism against astute criticisms of themselves as a corporation.

Specifically, Comcast needs to round up the following employees / stealth marketing handles on,, and .....Stallion_Cornell, Neuromanzr, MrPostModernist, and WarMachine. And once Comcast rounds them up, Comcast needs to implement the.....appropriate remedies.

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