Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ronald D. Moore's Easter Family Reunion - The Three Piece Business Suits Are Everywhere

Ronald D. Moore comes home to his family for an Easter family reunion....

Ronald D. Moore: (Walks in the front door) "Mom? I'm home."

Ron's Mom: (Wearing a three piece business suit with neck tie) "Oh dear oh dear Ronny!! Did you wash behind your ears and shampoo your grey hair?"

Ronald D. Moore: "You know I did, mom. Where's da da?"

Ron's Mom: "Your father is out back chopping wood. He thought he would break in his new three piece business suit."

Ronald D. Moore: "Sounds like a plan to me."

(Ronald D. Moore's nieces and nephews all run up to him. They're all wearing three piece business suits.)

Nieces / Nephews: "Hello Uncle Ronny. Did you bring us more three piece business suits?"

Ronald D. Moore: "Better than that. I'm giving each and every one of you computer chip swipe cards to the front door of my 'Ronald D. Moore Warehouse of Low Budget Wardrobe Clothing.' You can now go in there any time you want to and....accessorize."

Nieces / Nephews: "Yay!! Yay!! Hip...Hip...Hooray!!"

Ronald D. Moore's dad walks in.....

Ron's Dad: "Hey you!! Get your low budget ass over here. You can't give your father a hug?"

Ronald D. Moore: "I'm sorry da da. I wasn't thinking."

Ron's Dad: "You know your daughter just had her baby. If you kept in touch more often you would know that. Let's go and see her."

(Ronald D. Moore's 6 month old grand daughter is sleeping in her crib. She's wearing a little three piece business suit.)

Ronald D. Moore: "I've been busy da da."

Ron's Dad: "Doing what? Showcasing the family wardrobe on those stupid ass tv shows you keep making for the SyFy Channel?"

Ronald D. Moore's mom walks in holding a big pan with a cooked turkey.....

Ron's Mom: "Alright everyone. Dinner is ready. I hope the mashed potatoes and fish sticks are done as well."

(The Moore family sits down for Easter dinner)

Ron's Dad: "Son? Willl you do the honors?"

Ronald D. Moore: "Alright da da."

(The cooked turkey sitting in the pan is wearing a dress shirt, neck tie, and a little sport coat. Ronald D. Moore unbuttons the sport coat, loosens the neck tie, and unbuttons the dress shirt. He then begins carving the turkey.)

(Ronald D. Moore's daughter walks in.)

Ron's Mom: "And where were you?"

Ron's Daughter: "At the beach. It was unseasonably warm today."

Ron's Mom: "Did you get sand in your dress slacks and neck tie?"

Ron's Daughter: "I'm not in the mood, Grandma. I'm not going to dignify that remark with a response."

(Stay tuned tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Easter Sunday with the Moore family. Same dress slacks time....same dress slacks channel.)

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