Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bryan Singer Admits The Mistakes He Made in "Superman Returns"...Will Ronald D. Moore Ever Admit His Mistakes With "Galactica?"



Of course....Bryan Singer obviously didn't go far enough in admitting how badly he fucked up in trying to reboot "Superman." Such as...

1. The fact that Superman barely had any dialogue in the movie at all.

2. Despite the fact that Superman and Lois Lane were lovers, they had very little to say to one another when Superman returned from his outer space mission.

3.  The mean spirited and ugly manner in which Lex Luthor tries to kill Superman (stabbing him with a kryptonite knife)...."Superman" movies are supposed to be family movies suitable for every age group in the family including moms and their children. 

4.The fact that Superman's lack of dialogue throughout the whole movie was obviously an attempt to cover up Brandon Routh's limited acting range. Quite frankly, the movie destroyed Brandon Routh's would be career in one swoop. And Brandon Routh did a fair share of destroying his own career himself in "Superman Returns" as he wasn't much of an actor to begin with. Brandon Routh is now the "Bruce Campbell of horror B-Movies".....occasionally popping up in "immediately destined for DVD" horror movies.

5. Bryan Singer's "sell-out preoccupation" with Richard Donner's brilliant "Superman" movies with Christopher Reeve...up to and including swiping John William's musical score....and John Barry's art direction and production design (Krypton's crystal structure.) What's the matter Bryan? You're incapable of inspired...original thinking yourself?

6. Instead of having a son with a sparkling personality and always getting into fun loving mischief (that would have gone over beautifully with the children in the audience), Bryan Singer decided that Superman's son would be a withdrawn, disturbed child with asthma.

All of these things worked against "Superman Returns" and guaranteed that the stupid ass movie would not be a family friendly....mass market success.


What about Ronald D. Moore? Will we ever live to see the day of him finally admitting how badly he fucked up "Battlestar Galactica?" I would love to read an interview like this with Ronald D. Moore...

Hollywood Reporter: "Ron...What do you think went wrong with your take on 'Battlestar Galactica?'"

Ron Moore: "Overall...I would have to say that it was my lack of experience as a television producer."

Hollywood Reporter: "That's quite an admission."

Ron Moore: "I now know that in order to succeed in this business....you have to have previous producing experience before you are given solo producing responsibilities on a project such as 'Battlestar Galactica.' You also have to know how to work with actors...you have to know how to direct them in such a way where their performances and their characters just come alive. My lack of experience as a producer, and Michael Rhymer's lack of experience in knowing how to work with actors worked against us in the backdoor pilot....and unfortunately set the stage for the rest of the series consisting of nothing more than Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell.......FROWNING......Me and my crew were inexperienced....and we shouldn't have accepted the job."

Hollywood Reporter: "There was also heavy criticism hurled your way in your use of business suits in the wardrobe department....contemporary settings.....and location shooting that made no attempt to hide the fact that it was mere location shooting....despite the fact that your series was supposed to be taking place on alien worlds."

Ron Moore: "I was lazy...and I also had an ego the depth of the Grand Canyon. I got so pumped up over the unrealistic praise NBC-Universal's guerrilla style stalth marketing campaign was showering me with....I felt that no matter what lazy ass piece of shit I put on the television screen....I was still God."

Hollywood Reporter: "Thank you Ronald D. Moore for your candor."

Maybe someday...if Ronald D. Moore ever matures (emotionally) with age......he just might give an interview like this 15 or 20 years from now.

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