Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Are Universal Studios / SyFy Channel Executives Such Boring People?

It isn't just in their alleged science fiction television programs on the SyFy Channel that prove how monumentally boring Universal Studios / SyFy Channel executives are intellectually speaking, it's also in the manner in which they express themselves verbally. In all honesty, who talks like this?

Mark Stern: "We want to expand our brand name by getting away from what we are supposed to be. The real money to be made is when we stop being who we are."

If you met a person like this in a public place, would you want to get to know them any further? Simply from the standpoint of self defining "boredom" oozing out of every orifice of the statement?

Bonnie Hammer: "Fans can't drive the creative process. If they do, they would strip our ambiguity away from us, and force us to define ourselves."

Again...would encountering Bonnie Hammer in a bar motivate you to want to get to know her any further after she utters a self defining, statement of boredom like that?

NBC-Universal: "Hobnobbing with Leonard."

This eccentric phrase was the title of a post written by one of the infinite and deranged Universal Studios / SyFy Channel executives on the Frakheads forum. Who on this earth uses the word "hobnob?" Except for maybe a stuffy and bi-polar member of the British Royal Family with tea and crumpets shoved up their ass. Anyone who routinely uses the word "hobnob" instantly defines themselves as someone who hangs out at the library all day long....and this is the highlight of their day. This is the "apogee" of excitement on a daily basis for them.

The television shows and movies of Universal Studios / SyFy Channel executives are boring because these executives are boring people themselves. These are people who sit on their asses all day long in the Black Tower playing "Yahtzee" and counting the plaster bumps on the ceiling.

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