Friday, April 15, 2011

SyFy Channel to Enter....The Children's Programming Business??

Now I've heard everything. SyFy Channel...the schizophrenic cable network in terms of its on-air identity....primarily known for the low rated sexual perversions of Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" and "Caprica" wants to get into programming for children after WWF Wrestling and a God damn cooking show failed for them. I equate this with Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacy (if he were still alive) running a cable network for kids.

Isn't it amazing how many "lucrative realms of programming" the SyFy Channel keeps wanting to get itself into? I guess this is because these "lucrative realms of programming" work  for everyone else and the SyFy Channel keeps wanting to jump on the bandwagon. The bizarre thing is....these "lucrative realms of programming" only work for other people....they never work for the SyFy Channel. No doubt the SyFy Channel now wants to get into children's programming because their stab at a cooking show ("Marcel's Quantum Kitchen") isn't working out for them. And they got into a cooking show because "WWF Wrestling" wasn't working out for them.

Beginning to see a pattern here? No matter what "highly lucrative realms of programming" (for other people) the SyFy Channel tries to get into....these "highly lucrative realms of programming" never work out for them. Is it that the SyFy Channel has been cursed by the Devil? I think a more rational explanation is that...those who succeed in these "highly lucrative realms of programming" are genuinely interested in these particular types of programs....and those who succeed in these "highly lucrative realms of programming" are good natured people with their hearts in the right place. For example...those who succeed in children's programming genuinely love children...and genuinely want to educate, entertain, and enlighten them. The SyFy Channel on the other hand, regards children's programming as yet another flea market commodity to make a fast buck off of. The SyFy Channel is an ever expanding flea market of wildly varied subject matter in its programming....without its heart being in the right place. Thus...they have failed at a cooking show, they have failed at wrestling, and they will fail with a children's show.

Quite frankly, it is Science Fiction in itself to even suggest that anyone at the SyFy Channel loves children. Quite frankly, any corporate idiot who works at the SyFy Channel doesn't like anybody. I would urge any parent to not allow their child to watch any piece of garbage demographically targeted for kids (on the SyFy Channel) without any genuine heart behind it. After all, this is the same cable network of sexual perversion via Ronald D. Moore. This is the same cable network oozing with hostility towards genuine Science Fiction fans. This is the same cable network that produces the worst monster movies ever made every Saturday night...with the characters in these movies suffering horrible and unspeakable deaths.

And now the SyFy Channel wants children to watch them? Let's get a unanimous...."Hell No!!"....from every single loving parent in this country!!

"SyFy Kids" - A new cable network?? Are you fuckin' kidding me?? A cable network where youngsters can learn how to molest one another at an earlier age? I don't think so. And every parent in this country should stand firmly against this as well. NBC-Universal and SyFy Channel are not a kid friendly corporation...and they never will be. This proposed cable network is absolutely outrageous....and disgusting.

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