Thursday, April 7, 2011

It Would Seem That The SyFy Channel's List of Enemies in the Public Domain is Growing

Notice how Ronald D. Moore's "Battle-Crap Galactica" is mentioned in the same category as all of those other SyFy Channel shows being less than stellar. Also notice how the article astutely notices all of the SyFy Channel's faults and covers every single one of them. Gee...Haven't I been saying this stuff all along? It's nice to have another ally....isn't it?

When the SyFy Channel begins getting hammered (ha!! ha!!) by the likes of "Cracked" magazine or "Mad" magazine....You know the end of the channel is near.

...And this isn't a matter of "Cracked" magazine or "Mad" magazine doing a good natured....comic strip tribute to SyFy Channel. They're doing a serious....critical commentary on all of the SyFy Channel's faults...and all of the SyFy Channel's shortcomings. Perhaps the first time "Cracked" magazine has been so serious about trashing someone...or some thing.

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