Friday, April 8, 2011

Would You Hire Bonnie Hammer...David Howe...and Mark Stern Away From The SyFy Channel For Any Reason?

"Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"....."Ghost Hunters"....."Fact or Faked?"....."Blood & Chrome"...."Caprica"....."GINO"...."Saturday Night Crap Fest at the Movies"...."WWF Wrestling"....

With a crappy ass schedule like that listed on the resumes of Bonnie Hammer....David Howe...and Mark Stern...would you hire any one of them away from the SyFy Channel for any reason? Especially when any one of those stupid ass shows has failed to make the SyFy Channel filthy rich? Especially when the most any of those shows has done is keep the lights on at the SyFy Channel's executive offices?

Bonnie Hammer....Mark Stern....and David Howe....are hardly hiring material after job performances like that at the SyFy Channel. The likes of "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" does not build destroys them. The likes of "Ghost Hunters" would cause any television executive to not be in demand anywhere else...for any reason. "Fact or Faked" would lay to rest the future career prospects of any television executive. Ronald D. Moore's disastrous trilogy of boredom ("GINO", "Caprica", "Blood & Chrome") would not look good on anyone's resume for any reason. Badly written monster movies of the week ("Sharktopus"...."Mansquito") are the career destroying ingredients any television executive would immediately begin experiencing. "WWF Wrestling" on the SyFy Channel can only be the result of a drunken orgy experienced by Hammer, Stern, and Howe the night before.

Let's say that you're a hot shot hiring executive looking for executives to program your new cable network. If the resumes of Bonnie Hammer....David Howe...and Mark Stern came across your desk, how would you proceed? If it was me...I would toss all three resumes in the waste paper basket under my desk after ripping them to pieces. And I would do that based solely upon the stupid ass programming ideas the three of them came up with for the SyFy Channel. There is no sense of pride to be had by anyone remotely responsible for the dog shit programming on the SyFy Channel. If anything, such programming would bring such emotions as embarrassment to the surface. The SyFy Channel may very well be a business before anything else...but it is an extremely embarrassing and poorly managed business to behold.

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