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Caprica Sucks - A Certain Book Was a Trailblazer....Wasn't it?


And this same trailblazing book is being sold on Amazon.com.....



Caprica Sucks


Why is this show so criminally bad? Why does it suck so bad? Why did a show with so much potential go wrong so fast? I couldn’t make it past episode four. With Battlestar Galactica at least I made it to the third year. It started off very very good and went downhill. I suspect Caprica is horrid on purpose. I am nauseated by it. I find it hard to even write about it, it’s so awful. Everything takes place at least 58 years before the Cylons come back and destroy everything. Caprica shows where the fissure begins and is based on how the monotheists are much more distructive and judgmental as compared to the polytheists.
The polytheists are people whose religion follows our horoscope charts. Hence the names of the 12 planets being Caprica, Tauron, etc. In this world, the monotheists are oppressed and strike back by becoming terrorists. I’ll let you figure out the modern day parallels.

Frankly, both groups suck. It’s hard to even see where one group is good and the other is bad. I’d give a slight edge of the grossness to the monotheists since they practice polyamorous marriages. The polytheists are amoral, serially monogamous, along with being corrupt to the core thrown in.
Caprica is about two families: the Adamas and the Graystones. It has Eric Stolz playing Daniel Graystone of Caprica, the inventor of the Cylon. It has the handsome Esai Morales playing Joseph Adama, born of Tauron with a Caprican soul.

Esai Morales

David Eick and Ronald D. Moore made this dreck along with the “re-imagining” of Battlestar Galactica, so I was not surprised to see the same crappy retread of ethnic stereotypes. The Taurons are mobsters / gangsters who look Latino / Italian. The Graystones are your typical rich, ultra-pale, narcissistic, and “brilliant” yuppies. The blacks are in the background as low level servants.
The writers can only mine the depths of what they know: absolutely nothing.

There’s no creativity or originality in this show. Aside from the casual sex themes: homosexual marriages, polygamous marriages, poly-amorous marriages, and virtual-reality-anything-goes-worlds, which I suspect is more a reflection of modern-day Hollywood than of normal people in the rest of the world. I’m surprised they haven’t shown pedophiles in a positive light yet, I’m sure pederasts will get a high five eventually.

Caprica may seem to focus on religion, but it comes across as though it’s written and produced by atheists, anti-humanists, or people whose value systems come from Hollywood, the bottom feeding cesspool capital of the world. Atheists believe in no religion, and the show indicates that religion makes things worse. It even implies that religion doesn’t make a difference in human behavior.

If that’s the case, what’s the point of the show? Everyone is better off dead?
Last note: the technology used in Caprica is not new, interesting or forward looking.
Does this indicate that science fiction writing (from Hollywood) is reaching a creative dead end? I can only think so with even the current President intent on killing NASA off. Sad. Really sad. We’ve lost our collective imagination and based on the content of Caprica, our collective minds.
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14 Responses to Caprica Sucks

  1. Jinvaltrayes says:
    Great article. You hit the nail on the head on every point you made. I’ve forced myself again and again to watch this show and I cannot do it.
    I even watched the pilot again which was actually really quite good. The series is terrible. Vancouver to obvious.
    Oh well. Sci-fi is dead completely and doesn’t look to bright for the future either.
  2. goldenah says:
    It is a shame, since I love sci-fi like a lot of people. But, yeah, the creativity stream has run dry, which is a shame. It’s all “reality TV” these days. All that’s left is to seek out the gems in books.
    Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the feedback.
  3. indiana solo says:
    there still hope star wars the clone wars and ben 10. these two tv shows can and are saving sci-fi.
  4. indiana solo says:
    I just hope new star wars live action tv show can also save sci-fi. If not bring back star trek on tv, make anew star trek tv show with good writters(no hecks).
  5. goldenah says:
    I could go for that. Something about Star Trek will always be appealing – if done right.
  6. indiana solo says:
    at least the stargate tv shows, the first two shows, tired to stay true to the 1994 stargate movie. i don’t know about the 3rd stargate tv show.
  7. goldenah says:
    Oh, I enjoyed the Stargate movie. Seems like an eternity ago already. I watched the first Stargate TV show, but I don’t think I realized there was even a second. I haven’t heard anything about the 3rd that anyone likes.
  8. David says:
    Yup, Caprica is so bad and its pilot was so good. Seems it is the anti-startrek in so many ways. Kinda like modern times in that people today are definitely NOT like people 50 years ago.
  9. goldenah says:
    I see that it’s back for another season. Funny how some shows aren’t allowed to hang around and build interest, but this one is going to be around for a while.
    Star Trek was inspiring to me. I don’t like shows that tell me humanity is a disaster and that the best thing that could happen is everyone gets wiped out.
    I’m all for bright-eyed optimism.
  10. ManSon says:
    It’s like a collase made of totally random “cool” things that just don’t work together. Clumsiest serie that I have ever started to watch. This kind of a setup does not work with many different writers/directors (especially with ones that have totally wooden heads).
    The only good thing is the CG city. Art team is good.
  11. goldenah says:
    I read a rumor that they have another BG prequel coming up. :D
  12. luke jones says:
    caprica cancelled. they should fire everybody from that show. cancelled next battlestar show before start making it. cancelled any more plans for more battlestar tv show and movies.
    GoldenAh: Amen! New ideas and new shows are needed. Fresh blood please!
  13. luke jones says:
    caprica and stargate universe are cancelled. thank god.
    GoldenAh: LOL. :D I wanted to understand Stargate Universe, but I caught it late, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The problem is that it seemed too familiar with that downbeat depressing aura BSG had.
    They need to be more cheerful, optimistic and forward thinking with these new sci-fi shows. I don’t mind a little bit of a dystopian world view, but week after week, month after month is a bit much.
  14. mike smith says:
    caprica sucks because it’s a prequel . the next bsg prequel will suck also for the same reason. all prequels sucks, everybody knows it. but, they dont want just said it.  -unquote

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