Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Top 5 Worst Cable Channels On Television Today

MTV  -  What happened? MTV used to be cool, now it's just a pathetic shell of it's former self. I remember
back in the day when the music channel used to play actual videos, now it's just littered with stupid realty shows that dumb down the channel's viewers. I would be hard pressed to find a single show that MTV provides to it's viewers that has any shred of intelligence at all, every new show seems to be more ignorant than the previous one. To put it plainly... MTV SUCKS! The channel may think it's cool, hip and relevant like it was in the past but they're not and would be sadly mistaken. The channel has lost its way and needs to be taken of the air immediately before it turns another mind into mush.

SyFy -  This is another case in which I have to ask... what happened?
The old Sci-Fi Channel use to show the classic science fiction shows and movies that stood the test of time. Now the channel provides its viewers with so-called science fiction soap opera shows such as Battlestar Galactica or Caprica and continues to show some of the worst movies ever made in history by running those SyFy "originals" that they produce on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, each week there's a new movie shown with some absurd monster, ghost or creature that they rehash from an older movie or have simply just made up. I personally would have thought that SyFy (their writers) would have run out of ideas a long time ago... I guess I was mistaken. I'm sure they're working right now on their next project where giant ladybugs or psycho puppies go nuts and start killing innocent people in a small little town... I can't wait. Plus, why would SyFy be airing professional wrestling, what does a so-called sport have to do with science fiction? The SyFy Channel has slid a long way down from when it first debuted 15 years ago when it was a refreshing change in the cable line-up, but now the channel has become one of the biggest JOKES in all of cable television.   

USA -  First, I would like to see the USA Network change their name to the "Law and Order Channel" or
the "NCIS Channel", due to the fact that USA airs the shows practically 24/7. Other channels also get carried away with just con-stantly running the same program time after time until you can no longer watch the show... EVER! But no channel seems to be as bad at this hideous practice than the USA Network. Why they are not airing some of their new shows more often instead of these re-runs is a mystery to me? Some of the new shows have potential. Second, when the USA Network does play a movie on those rare occasions, it's the same movie that they've run a 100 times before! You would think that they would want to update their movie "collection" and air something fresh and new for their viewers... is that asking too much? I find that the USA Network is not as bad as some of the other channels out there on cable but they're sure not the powerhouse that they use to be.

AMC - Doesn't AMC stand for American Movie Classics? Can someone please explain to me how moviessuch as Rambo - First Blood Part II, Escape from L.A., the Halloween movies 4, 5, and 6, Terminator 3 and the Matrix movies are "American Classics?" Are you kidding me? Most of the movies that AMC airs are not even good movies to begin with, let alone being called classics. Granted, AMC does play some great American movies such as The Godfather but those movies are shown few and far between, most of the time slots are filled with "B-List" movies with "B-List" actors. Also, why AMC needs to follow suit with it's competitors by producing their own television shows and airing them instead of movies is an unnecessary move on heir part, though they have gotten better lately. Sure, some of their shows are well made but they should stick to what they were meant to do (or have done somewhat well in the past), by just showing movies. That is if they can upgrade their selection of movies that they show to actual movies that are considered TRUE classics.

TV Guide Channel - When this channel debuted around 15 years ago it would actually try to show it's
viewers what was coming on cable in the next couple of hours by scrolling all the channels and what they were airing. Today, the channel has gotten away from that format by showing only 3 slots for the viewer to see what's airing on the cable networks while the rest of the screen is devoted to running old movies or TV shows that no one is interested in. The TV guide channel no longer serves a useful purpose and the channel should seriously consider packing it in immediately. I just turned on the TV Guide Channel... and guess what? They're airing an infomercial about a curling iron... the channel is pathetic!

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