Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Corporate Mentality Has Pretty Much Decimated The SyFy Channel

Repeatedly listening to David Howe recite his ambiguous wish list for what he wants the SyFy Channel to become is like listening to someone afflicted with autism attempting to recite the alphabet. This is a guy who was obviously crapped out of the rear end of Corporate America....and he's probably a fuckin' Republican to boot.

The corporate mentality and televised Science Fiction have never gotten along. It has been and forever shall be a dysfunctional business relationship. The neat thing about Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern of NBC-Universal / SyFy that they have taken this traditional dysfunctional relationship to staggering new heights of absurdity....and have made absolute asses out of themselves in the process.

Thanks to Bonnie Hammer.....David Howe....and Mark Stern......the SyFy Channel has ultimately become a faceless platform of wasted air space. Think of an Internet marketplace like, being nothing more than faceless entities that host the endless listings of an infinite variety of products...with none of the products being associated with one another in terms of an overall theme. This is what the SyFy Channel has become. A non-identity cable channel hosting a number of television programs of varied subject matter with none of the television programs being connected to one another in terms of an overall theme ("Caprica"...."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"....WWF

David Howe can spin-doctor this all he wants to....he can even try and lead everyone to believe that the faceless ambiguity of the SyFy Channel that he....Bonnie Hammer...and Mark Stern are responsible all part of some (wisdom based) corporate grand plan of eventual marketability success with a discernable destination. The fact is.....David Howe....Bonnie Hammer....and Mark Stern utterly destroyed the original Sci-Fi Channel....and they replaced it with a faceless cable network (SyFy Channel) without a discernable identity.

There is no grand corporate plan to be had in the aftermath of what David Howe....Bonnie Hammer....and Mark Stern did to the Sci-Fi Channel. This is "Basic Common Sense 101" in that even children know there is nothing constructive to be had in the aftermath of any sort of destruction....whether it be a tsunami...a tornado....or a hurricane.

David Howe.....Bonnie Hammer....and Mark Stern have been making it up as they go along.....licking their index fingers and determining which direction the winds are blowing. "Cooking shows are popular now? Alright....let's do one!!"...."Wrestling is popular now? Alright...Let's bring the WWF over to the SyFy Channel!!"....."Children's shows are popular now? Let's start another faceless cable network called 'SyFy Kids.'" All the while decimating what the Sci-Fi Channel was supposed to be from day one.

This is the "Corporate Mentality" in a nutshell. Destroying something that the public really enjoyed (the original Sci-Fi Channel from the early / mid 1990s)...and replacing it with utter crap....(the present day SyFy Channel)....all the while trying to con the public into believing (as David Howe routinely tries to do) that there is some....."Majestic Corporate Plan".....woven into the framework of such psychological madness that will benefit both NBC / SyFy Channel (and the public) at the same time. In actuality....the only mission David Howe...Bonnie Hammer...and Mark Stern have ever had is the absolute destruction of the 1990s Sci-Fi Channel and all of its original contents. And there is never any follow-up plan after such destruction has been implemented because corporate people never have anything else to do after they have destroyed something. Sort of like Scott Walker's agenda in Wisconsin.

In the case of Bonnie Hammer....the only thing she has to do now to pass her time is probably routine visits to her "Nip & Tuck" Plastic Surgeon.

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