Friday, April 15, 2011

David Howe Keeps Speaking of Expanding The SyFy Channel's Brand. Brand of What? Brand of Anonymity?

Batman had an arch villain named False Face in the old 1966 "Batman" television series. False Face was an interesting villain because he would put on face masks in order to pretend being someone else. Yet, when he would take off the face masks of the people he was pretending to be..... his true facial features were that of a plastic mask. False Face had no individual....true identity. His true identity was anonymity.

This in a the dilemma of the SyFy Channel. They have pretended to be a wrestling channel....have pretended to be a cooking network....and now want to pretend to be a network for children. Yet, when you strip everything away that the SyFy Channel is pretending to be....their true identity anonymity.

David Howe of the SyFy Channel has had one hell of a time trying to expand the name brand of the SyFy Channel...and he will continue to have one hell of a time trying to expand the name brand of the SyFy Channel because in order to achieve such a task.....your channel has to have a fuckin' on-air identity in the fuckin' first place!! How do you expand the name brand of a cable channel that doesn't have a fuckin' on-air identity in the first place? It's the same thing as trying to expand the name brand of an anonymous person....a John Doe. What the fuck is the SyFy Channel? What sort of an on-air identity is that? It isn't Science Fiction....and it isn't anything else by definition. If the SyFy Channel knew what the fuck it could begin expanding its on-air identity of what it is. If it were a literature could begin expanding its on-air identity (brand name) into different aspects of literature.

David Howe keeps speaking of wanting the television audience to regard the SyFy Channel as "this" or "that" in the near future. The problem is...the television audience doesn't have a fuckin' clue as to what the SyFy Channel is right now. What the fuck is it? SyFy Channel has a moniker that can be enunciated as "Sci-Fi Channel".....yet David Howe doesn't want the channel to be regarded as Science Fiction. David Howe kinda'...sorta'...wants the SyFy Channel to be regarded anonymous commercial broadcast network...yet at the same time.....David Howe wants the television audience (via divine revelation no doubt) to somehow...someway....nail the precise identity of the SyFy Channel that he isn't sure of himself.

David Howe: "We're not Science Fiction....we're not fantasy. We're kinda'...sorta' wave....cutting edge....biker punk.....anonymity. And....we want to expand the SyFy Channel's corporate brand of.....anonymity.....into....something..... up to and including children's programming....wrestling....and a cooking show."

That is precisely what David Howe sounds like from objective vantage points.

What is this fuckin' corporate branding he keeps talking about? How does a cable channel without a discernable on-air identity expand its brand of....anonymity? How does a fuckin' cable channel without a discernable on-air identity even have a "brand" to expand at all?

If you  don't have an on-air don't have a corporate brand to expand.......period. Because you can't expand anonymity. You have to be something....or you have to be someone....before that can happen.

David Howe's SyFy Channel doesn't have an identity to expand.

Good luck....Davey boy!!

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