Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remember The Time Traveler From The Charlie Chaplin DVD "The Circus?" There is Another One

I'm going to go off topic here and discuss something I noticed recently. The paranoid executives at Universal Studios / SyFy Channel should love this.

I'll be the first to refute time travel as I am the ultimate skeptic there is. But I'll also be the first to acknowledge the possibility of a pattern developing when something seemingly inexplicable makes a second appearance. The first appearance of apparent time travel as we all know, appeared in the extras section of the DVD release of the Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus." This was brought to everyone's attention in the fall of 2010 as film footage surfaced in this DVD release of an elderly woman walking in front of the "Mann's Chinese Theater", and apparently holding a cell phone to her ear. The debunkers quickly jumped on the bandwagon, offering endless explanations up to and including that the elderly woman was merely holding a 1926 era hearing aid to her ear. I didn't buy this particular debunk theory for a minute, as 1926 era hearing aids were the size of megaphones, and what this woman is clearly holding to her ear is something compact along the lines of a cell phone or a portable electric razor.

The skeptics and the debunkers now have another problem. They have something else to try and debunk. Specifically, the appearance of a possible time traveler in an episode of "Emergency" from 1975. Yes, the same "Emergency" television series starring Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe. In the third season episode entitled "Inheritance Tax", shortly after the opening credits, an ambulance is pulling into "Rampart General Hospital." If you look to the right of the ambulance as it is first pulling into the wide driveway, there is a woman sort of fast walking in the opposite direction of where the ambulance is headed. She is apparently wearing shorts and a jogging outfit. She is clearly lifting her left arm and holding something compact to her ear. Now the debunkers would say, "Well, that is just a 1975 era transistor radio." I have two problems with this theory that I am anticipating from the debunkers. One, there is no attenna attached to this device (necessary for good audio reception and common to all mid 1970s transistor radios) and two, why would anyone need to hold a radio to their ear? Can't you just dial up the volume?

I'm the ultimate skeptic there is, but I'm also open to possibilities mainstream society still isn't aware of in the 21st Century. What we have as of now, is two women from 1926 and 1975 inadvertently caught on film holding an apparently identical compact device to their ears. Am I being silly? I would be the first to admit that I am. But then again, we have permanent film footage of these two women apparently doing something unusual in the eras of time they are appearing. Think about it. In 1926 and 1975, what common place, compact device existed that would require one to hold this device to their ear? In 1975, why would a jogger need to hold any device to their ear? Let alone something compact?

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