Monday, April 11, 2011

Is The SyFy Channel Still Using Stealth Marketing For Its Eccentric, Extracurricular Practice of Propping Up Hopelessly Doomed Careers?

Anyone even remotely associated with the SyFy Channel sabotaged and did in their own careers via a staggering lack of imagination in producing and scriptwriting (Ronald D. Moore, David Eick), or did so by being general all around incompetents in the highly disrespected realm of.....corporate thinking (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern.)

In light of such stunningly unsuccessful people always working for them....the SyFy Channel (when still known as Sci-Fi) always assigned a custom tailored....personal stealth marketing campaign to whomever they wanted to have a favorable impression in the eyes of the general public. For Ronald D. Moore...Sci-Fi Channel assigned a "Ronald D. Moore is God" campaign to his manufactured public image in order to try and boost "GINO's" ratings in the early days. (Lord knows that didn't work!!) For David Eick...SyFy Channel assigned the "Although David Eick is only Ronald D. Moore's butler...he is still a genius in his own right" campaign in "GINO's" early days. Bonnie Hammer herself perhaps got the cream of the crop in these personally assigned stealth marketing campaigns for SyFy Channel corporate people and producers. She got the "Wonder Woman has come to save the day at the Sci-Fi Channel in the form of broadening the Sci-Fi Channel's appeal" campaign. Of course...after a long awhile.....the public was still waiting for the types of programming treats at the Sci-Fi Channel promised in these individual campaigns.

Of course....what the public got instead....was Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell endlessly frowning in a gloomy rendition of "Battlestar Galactica"....and Bonnie Hammer gutting the entire science fiction content of the Sci-Fi Channel for the likes of "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" and "WWF Wrestling." It become blatantly obvious after awhile that the Sci-Fi Channel was using stealth marketing to prop up the shaky careers of people who were not talented in the their chosen professions. People who shouldn't even have been working for the Sci-Fi Channel in the first place (Bonnie Hammer)...and people who shouldn't even have been supplying products to the Sci-Fi Channel (Ronald D. Moore, David Eick) in the first place.

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