Monday, January 6, 2014

The Haunting Spectre of a "Stealth Marketing Snow Job" is Still Plugged into Ronald D. Moore Like The "Energizer Bunny"

Ronald D. Moore is "among the elite of Sci-Fi / Fantasy?" Really? This is news to me!! He worked on "Star Wars?" When? I guess submitting a "Star Wars" script to Disney pending approval puts him in the category of "having worked on 'Star Wars.'" He worked on "Battlestar Galactica?" No, he worked on "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only.) He did work on "Star Trek" with dubious script contributions at best.

Let's analyze his other work history:

1. An instantly forgettable short lived series called "G vs. E."
2. A rejected "The Thing" prequel script.
3. A remake of the "Wild, Wild West" rejected by CBS-TV.
4. A rip-off of "Harry Potter" called "17th Precinct" rejected by NBC-TV.

What is he working on now?

1. A series he didn't even create called "Helix" that is a rip-off of "John Carpenter's The Thing" movie from 1982. But he is being promoted by the SyFy Channel as being its creator...

"From Ronald D, Moore.....'Helix.'"

From what I can gather, he is a mere staff writer on "Helix" among many other staff writers.

2. "Outlander." Based on a novel of some sort yet Moore being pushed as the creator of the concept.

I just don't know what it is with this guy. But he seems to think it's "status symbol territory" to be pushed as "one of the elite of Sci-Fi / Fantasy" even though he has achieved absolutely nothing in his career to earn that honor. And his ever present "Stealth Marketing Machine" will always lie its rear end off to try and create the false impression that he is indeed...."one of the elite of Sci-Fi / Fantasy."

Is this organization still Ronald D. Moore's "Stealth Marketing Machine" responsible for the article above.....?

It sure was his "Stealth Marketing Machine" during the entire decade of the 2000s, as it is (I suspect) right now. If not them, then another entity surely is his present "Stealth Marketing Machine."

Here is something interesting....

Ronald D. Moore is the executive producer of  just 1 episode of "Helix" and a staff writer of just 3 episodes. Yes, that has certainly earned him the credit..."Helix brought to you by Ronald D. Moore." (Rolling my eyes.) Talk about taking credit away from the people who are actually working on this series regularly.


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