Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Blunt Assessment Of The SyFy Channel And Its Rotten Programming


1. A generic, bland, and non-specific cable channel without a discernible on-air identity.

2. A channel that never should have been purchased 15 years ago by its present owners because its present owners suck at all things Science Fiction in program development.

3. A former Science Fiction channel from the early to mid-1990s utterly decimated by its present owners with bad taste and generic schlock.

4. A channel where its present owners have always regarded Science Fiction fans with every typical...."Lame Brained, Corporate America Stereotype".....you would expect coming from...."Corporate America Business People"....saddled with managing a former Science Fiction channel they never should have purchased in the first place back in 1999. Stereotypes: "Science Fiction fans are nerds living in their parents basements, don't date, always living in the past, etc.

5. A generic, bland, non-specific (in terms of an on-air identity) and badly managed cable channel that is roughly....50% scripted, choreographed, and staged wrestling....20% badly produced, written, and acted horror movies....20% badly produced, written, and acted half ass attempts at Science Fiction, and 10% badly produced, written, and acted reality shows that cover just about every subject matter you can think of....cooking shows, movie makeup shows,...."Into The Crapper With Wil Wheaton"....magic shows....and ghost hunter supposed reality shows where all of the spooks are created on the post production dubbing stage...."EVP voices"....and objects moving by themselves are created by off camera stage hands.

6. A cable channel also owned by the same owners of..."The Maury Povich Show"....and..."Blind Date." No wonder it sucks so much.

7. A cable channel that one moment shows..."C.S.I."....reruns and the next moment shows...."Twilight Zone"....reruns.

8. A cable channel where its most expensive programming is purchased from Canada second hand and not produced themselves.

9. A cable channel that allows its website to be used as bulletin board advertisements for television shows debuting on other cable networks, such as...."E!"....

10. A cable channel with each passing day, increasingly becomes a generic, bland, and non-specific cable channel in terms of lacking a specific on-air identity.

11. A cable channel that has always regarded the successful television programs not produced by itself ("Farscape" - produced by The Henson Company) as failures always ripe for cancellation, while the unsuccessful productions it produces for itself...."Sharknado"...."Helix"....."Z Nation"....."12 Monkeys"...."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only).....as successes.


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