Friday, March 20, 2015

Again And Again, The Most Interesting Television Show Ideas To Come Along Are Never On The SyFy Channel

Now here is truly an interesting and inspired idea for a television series (I'm not kidding.) Tough guy..."Mr. T." his own home improvement show called..."I Pity The Tool." Now, here is a show that at least has an interesting idea behind it that isn't....status quo.....or stupid....or beaten to death....or endlessly the crap on the SyFy Channel. Somebody at least was using his / her head here in the programming department. What won't be driving the show here is the home improvement aspects of it, but rather...."Mr. T's"....personality. That's what viewers will be tuning in to see.

The SyFy Channel couldn't think up a great idea like this from its overused slimy pool of....wrestling....reality....horror....and other non-science fiction cliches no matter what. 

And...Get This!!..."Mr T's" show actually fits in with the format and established on-air identity of the network it is airing on!!...The..."Do It Yourself" (DIY)!! Imagine that!!


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