Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What? Viewers Didn't Like "Ascension?" What Was There Not To Like? It Had Tricia Helfer In Another Low Cut Dress. So, It Should Have Had The "GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only) Audience In Its Hip Pocket. All 12 Of Them.

"We were very happy with Ascension as an event series, but with so much high profile development in the works, we have decided not to pursue a full series."

Wait a minute!! Hold the phone!! SyFy cancelled...."Ascension"....because it wanted to make room for other high profile projects it has in development?

You mean the same high profile content the SyFy Channel keeps announcing in fake press releases such as this one (this particular press release from 2012 by the way) and usually aborts....and SyFy ultimately always ends up right back in square one with...."Wrestling"...."Paranormal Trash"....and cooking shows?"

That  high profile content?


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