Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Do You Get when You Mix "Kings, Illusions, Hippies, and a Magic Bus?" Bad Television!! That's What!!


Let me see if I have the ever fluctuating,  present status of the SyFy Channel down pat:

SyFy Channel - A generic cable channel with no locked down on-air identity leaning towards boring reality programming.....ever fluctuating and unsuccessful neophyte attempts at soft science fiction and horror....wrapped up in the blanket of its primary (and for the most part sole money maker)...badly choreographed.....Wrestling.

And that my friends...is what happens....when a corporation (NBC-Universal) that was never a fan of the Science Fiction genre in the first place....foolishly purchases what is supposed to be a....Science Fiction channel....and over the course of its many years of unjustified ownership.....turns the channel into a steaming pile of monkey droppings because this corporation never had the talent and inspired thinking in the first place to run a Science Fiction channel in the manner it should be run. In short, this corporation bit off more than it could chew when purchasing what it should never have purchased in the first place...a Science Fiction channel.

Need I say more?

When a corporation has to continuously expand the circumference of what it personally defines as Science Fiction (Wrestling) because it lacks the talent, imagination, and inspired thinking to make noteworthy money managing what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel as strictly a Science Fiction channel...it is time to sell that channel to other parties who would be interested in managing it properly.


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