Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Decade Later, Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only) Series Is Never In Demand From The Mass Market Audience For New Productions....


....Edward James Olmos remains a relatively unknown, frowning character actor, Mary McDonnell is sort of squeaking by in television here and there, Tricia Helfer apparently only works when there is a new SyFy Channel production (and how often is that?), and the rest of them have dropped off the face of the Earth in terms of present acting gigs.

A decade later, the facts remain and the evidence remains..."GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only) was not a successful television production. It didn't click with the mass market audience, the mass market audience didn't take to it, "Galactica" fans do not consider this series..."Canon"...."Pre-Canon"...."Post-Canon"....anything..."Canon"....and have never considered it to be...."Battlestar Galactica"... in any way, shape, or form. Audiences overall who sampled it considered it repulsive on every level, an excessively mean spirited, violent, and boring, meandering soap opera made up as it went along.

And perhaps most bluntly....this series killed the careers of every single cast member in terms of moving on to bigger and better things.


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