Monday, March 2, 2015

I Think The SyFy Channel Has Really Stumbled Upon Something Here. Cast Female "Hack" Media Personalities Known For Spewing Meaningless Political Gibberish In Its Embarrassing "Sharknado" Movies

Oh, Ann!! Let me count the ways!! Yes, it's Ann Coulter. Fresh from her..."wasted space / gibberish spewing interviews"....on..."Real Time With Bill Maher"....makes the thoroughly expected and long overdue downgrade in her career by appearing in...."Sharknado 3"....where she will play the Vice President of The United States. A nightmare within a nightmare within your typical...."Sharknado"

You mean...the producers of...."Sharknado 3"....and the..."SyFy Channel"....couldn't afford the extra $1.98 in salary for a Sarah Palin appearance as well? It would have been the definitive team-up for the low rated...."Sharknado"....movies. Much like...."Morbius"....and...."Man-Wolf"....appearing in the same...."Spiderman"....comic book issue. I will treasure my copy forever.


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