Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Former Star From When Jimmy Carter Was President Joins The Cast Of A SyFy Channel Production

This casting gimmick has never changed the world. It has never increased the fortunes of the SyFy Channel. Yet thus far, the likes of Barry Williams, Danny Bonaduce, and now Bo Derek have been cast in all of the low rated SyFy Channel movies.

The next low rated...."Sharknado", (low ratings by everyone's standards in the business world except the SyFy Channel's low standards) will have Bo Derek along with Ann Coulter. I'm waiting for the last minute casting of Sarah Palin in this mess because it would be so obvious if she were cast in this thing as well. She's a relic of a bygone era as well. When a woman wasn't smart enough to do anything outside of the kitchen.

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