Saturday, March 7, 2015

Two Months Before This Thing Is Due To Be Released, Universal Studios Has Expressed No Desire Whatsoever To Improve The Box Art And Make It Attractive To Consumers

I swear as a corporation...NBC-Universal has never had any sense of..... theatricality.....artistry.....craftsmanship.....visual attractiveness in what it does....or all of the...."Battlestar"....related garbage (products) it routinely releases to consumers.

No, my friends. The corporate home of...."Maury Povich"...."SyFy Channel"....and...."Sharknado"....firmly reflects all of the garbage related qualities in the three examples I just everything else it does.

Two months before that thing pictured above (the Blu-Ray set) is scheduled to be released to consumers...the package art still hasn't changed to something more attractive than that ugly picture. For the miniscule number of consumers who do bother to purchase that thing, they will be stuck with that ugly ass picture and package. The...."aged, rubbed sandpaper look"....and all. The ugly packaging by itself will guarantee low sales for this Blu-Ray set, without consumers even bothering to give the actual contents a fair shake. Like it or leave it, that's how consumers are. They have instant and instinctive revulsion to unattractive packaging. Which is what will happen here.

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