Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ghost Hunting Shows Are Fake, Scripted, Staged, Camera Blocked, Assembled Like a Jigsaw Puzzle in Post Production, Low Rated...And The SyFy Channel Keeps Lapping Them Up Like Chocolate Milk

I keep forgetting that the SyFy Channel's primary demographic is the miniscule...."Moonshine, Trailer Park Trash...Maury Povich....My doggy has an eye patch.....we hang our laundry on an outdoors clothes line to dry because we don't have a dryer....we use the bath tub as a resting place for our pick-up truck engine every Sunday to dry out....I have a crush on my cousin.....and Grandma wears combat boots with her Easter dress"....demographic who believe that all of this ghost hunting stuff is real.


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