Monday, March 23, 2015

Wrestling, Horror Movies, And Cooking Shows. What Was The Name of This Channel Again?

If viewers want clashing segues from one television program to the next, they need not look any further than the SyFy Channel.

7:00 - Slither
8:30 - WWE Wrestling
9:30 - Marcel's Quantum Kitchen
10:00 - Into The Crapper With Wil Wheaton
10:30 - Pen & Teller
11:00 - Sharknado 4: Partridge Family Reunion

SyFy Channel: For the jaded television viewer (without a discriminating eye) who likes his / her television programming....Rattled....Shake & Baked.....Topsy Turvy.....Not Nailed Down....Half Ass....Without a common central theme connecting one program to the next....Stupid....Boring....Neophyte Managed....Chameleon-esque.....Fickle....Low Budget...and Lazy.


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